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Chapel Complex & Religious Education Facility
Chapel Complex & Religious Education Facility

This design-build project included the design and construction of a 32,900 square foot Army Standard (COS) Design Chapel Complex and a 10,000 square foot Religious Education Facility to accommodate from 600 to 1,200 attendees and to provide new administrative facilities for the Fort Hood Garrison Chaplain Command. The Contract required LEED Silver certification. With a collaborative effort between Solis and the Corps of Engineers, LEED Gold certification was achieved at no additional cost to the Government. This project is the Armys first LEED Gold certified chapel. Solis was responsible for design project management, coordination with the Chaplain Corps (end user), USACE Omaha District (Center of Standardization) and USACE Ft Worth District (Contract Administrator), construction project management, development and implementation of the construction Quality Control Plan, coordination of the fabricated structural building design, delivery and erection, coordination of the highly specialized audio-visual systems, asphalt pavement coordination with layout, QC and on-site testing requirements, ecclesiastical furnishing coordination and installation, and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) installation. The construction scope of work consisted of extensive earthwork, drilled piers, site utilities, complex reinforced suspended cast-in-place concrete foundations for expansive soil conditions, limestone masonry veneer, structural and non-structural CMU, fabricated structural steel, rough and finish carpentry, standing seam metal roofing, aluminum storefronts, steel and aluminum windows/doors, stucco, heavy gauge steel framing, gypsum board wall assemblies, interior finishes, interior/exterior signage, standard building / bathroom accessories, food service equipment, specific religious/ecclesiastical equipment and furnishings, other furniture, fixtures and equipment, window coverings, fire protection systems, plumbing (including gas, solar water heating and chilled water systems), cathodic protection system, energy management control system (EMCS), DDC, data and voice communication systems (including SIPRNet), public address and mass notification system, chilled water plant and distribution (over 150 tons), chilled water HVAC systems, electrical systems, IT / communications, audio-visual systems, fire detection / alarm systems, irrigation and landscaping. Sustainability Features: The project is the largest of its kind in the United States Army. The Spirit of Fort Hood Chapel Complex set a new standard in the Armys efforts to build more efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. More than 85 percent (715 tons) of the construction waste was diverted from the landfill. Approximately 27 percent of the building materials used in the chapels construction was from recycled materials. The project includes a water saving irrigation system and landscaping and energy efficient heating and cooling systems. This is a kick-butt facility, said Col. Bill Phillips, garrison chaplain. This is great and we are just thrilled to have the opportunity to minister ... at this campus. The goal of all new construction at Fort Hood is to be silver certified, said Brian Dosa, director of the Directorate of Public Works. But when the chapel complex was so close on the point-based certification system to gold, they went for it, earning the rating by one point. At Fort Hood we are committed to sustainability, Dosa said. (First) because the Army is telling us to be. ... Also, because its the right thing to do.

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