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RGAAF Paving Repair

Scope Of Work:

Solis Constructors, Inc. began constructing this TxDOT aviation project reconstructed Runway 13/31 and Runway 17/35, along with five taxiways at the City of Dallas’s Dallas Executive Airport. The scope of work for Phase I and II included concrete demolition, drainage, earthwork, concrete paving, lighting and required striping. Phase I reconstructed the intersection of Runways 13/31 and 17/35 with a concrete paving section, realigned and constructed a concrete paving section for Taxiway 3A and reconstructed Taxiway D. Phase I included 34,685 SY 10” concrete paving and 15,317 SY 8” concrete paving. Phase II scope consisted of full-depth reconstruction of Runway 13/31 west of the Runway 17/35 intersection to the Runway 13 end with a concrete paving section, re-grading the Runway Safety Area and installation of new drainage structures, full depth reconstruction of Taxiway B2 and demolition of Taxiways B1 and B3. Phase II included 49,088 SY 10” concrete paving and 20,875 SY 8” concrete paving.

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Architect: Robert Gray Army Airfield
Approx Contract: Not Provided
Completion: Not Provided