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For over 33 years Keystone Fastening Technologies has been a Worldwide leader in delivering High Quality Stud Welding and Specialty Fastener Solutions. Since our inception we have been the proud North American Partner of OBO Bettermann and are the exclusive distributor of their Stud Welding Products.

We offer a full range of both Drawn Arc and Capacitor Discharge (“CD”) Equipment along with the industries most comprehensive inventory of Welding Studs, Stud Welding Accessories and related Specialty Fasteners.

Our products are produced with decades of experience, continuous development and attention to detail. This experience results in exceptional quality and commitment and the ability to apply our knowledge to help solve customer application challenges in the field, the factory in or the development stage of a project.

Our Stud Welding Systems, both manual and automated have proven the test of time with long term durability, reliability and extreme ingenuity.

Let us know how our knowledge and experience can help inspire your future innovation and production efficiencies.


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