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IT Tech Central Plus offers a variety of products and services to assist clients with strengthening their brands and running their day-to-day operations with ease and little to no worries.

IT Tech Central Plus understands the struggles that come along with operating a small business. Therefore, the needs of the consumer are ALWAYS our top priority! In addition, IT Tech Central Plus is ALWAYS ready and available to help their clients. Our team ensures that business owners and leaders, who are under our clientage, reposition themselves in a space in which they can focus on things that can facilitate the growth of their businesses and affect their bottom line in the most positive ways.

Our marketing services include:

  • IT Consultation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • SMS
  • Software Development
  • Cloud hosting
  • Printing Services
  • Web Design
  • Website Q7A Analysis

Our clients are small to medium-sized business owners whose main focus is to grow their businesses. These clients understand the importance of productivity and how that affects their bottom line. They also understand that success in business starts with having up-to-date equipment and all the other necessary components. 

IT Tech Central Plus is the missing link between the startup and the success of small businesses. IT Tech Central Plus began with the idea of freedom and all that comes along with that. The CEO and owner, Christian Kanche, never wanted to feel trapped in a dead-end job where he would work for long hours. Instead, his priority was the freedom to be close to his family; to be available whenever they needed him.

Today, Mr. Kanche focuses on assisting others to create that same type of freedom. He does this by offering them all the important and necessary services needed to run a small business through IT Tech Central. These services allow small and medium-sized business owners the space to focus on building their brands instead of dealing with IT related issues.

Everyone on staff at IT Tech Central understands that it’s bigger than the company - it’s truly about people. Its primary goal is to help people create a level of freedom, which is priceless, within their businesses.

IT Tech Central Plus will provide that “solution in a box” that can lead to entrepreneurship with endless possibilities. IT Tech Central will provide marketing; promote their services, and provide many other tools and resources to ensure their level of success meets their desires. In most cases, all the technicians will have to do is show up and provide the needed services.

Ultimately, IT Tech Central Plus will become a partner to small businesses across the globe, helping to change or shift the mindset and approach to IT; from the perspectives of the consumers, technicians, and the companies. We will continue to focus on bringing their businesses into the new century with convenience and ease through technology at a fraction of the cost.

We are dedicated to offering top-notch marketing and IT solutions  to small businesses across the globe with convenience and ease while leading the industry in products, services, and prices.


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