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The T & M Group Inc.

Costa Mesa, California 92626
(714) 435-0020

T&M Group is a premier administrator of public works for hour bank plans - providing services that assist with Prevailing Wage or Service Contract Act employers to:

  • Compete on a level playing field with union contractors
  • Bid more competitively and save money for both the employer and employee
  • Take credit on a per employee per hour basis for the H&W fringe contribution
  • Have stagnant hourly rate for the cost of the benefit to convert monthly premiums to predetermined hourly rates.
  • Utilize an irrevocable third-party trust to hold fringe contributions in FDIC individual
    employee accounts.

In addition to Hour Banking, we are a resource for obtaining compliant qualified retirement and health plans which can assist firms engaged in contract work with federal, state, and municipal agencies that fall under the Prevailing Wage and Service Contract Act.

Non product related resources include numerous long standing relationships with CPA, Law Consulting, Third Party Administration, Bonding and Property/Casualty firms specializing in the prevailing wage arena. If we don't deliver it to our clients directly, we know where to find it for them. Our clients range from start-ups to industry leaders on both local and national basis. There are no employer based fees associated with our services. Let us help you be more profitable in a creative & compliant way.

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