Performance Ratings


We have received the following testimonials and special recognition from our clients, industry partners, and community organizations.


Jun 2018

Appreciate the work that goes in to sustaining the tribe.

Jun 2018

I visited two years ago and attended a pow wow which was wonderful!...

Feb 2018

Thank you so very much insurance company for pretty much killing me and...

Jan 2018

Needed help with trust enrollment and no one was very helpful and the...

Sep 2017

"CONCERING THE INDIAN NATION" Come out of hiding, GOD has...

Feb 2016

I am happy with all the services that I receive as a tribal member....

Jan 2016

very helpful

Jun 2015

Open up the gyms for us and you can get 3 more stars.

Apr 2015

Very thankful and proud to be Oneida. I'm very thankful for our...

Mar 2015

My fam is baller...

Mar 2015

A very helpful an healty place..where as native ppl become a whole..ppl...

Aug 2014