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Founded In: 2011
Size: 1-4 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

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At Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC, our mission is to save lives, by creating a safer building environment using passive fire protection. Based in Fort Myers, FL, we maintain fire and smoke barriers, install firestop systems, promote higher safety standards, and educate building professionals in the industry. Healthcare facilities are our specialty, but our expertise extends to educational, commercial, recreational, multi-family residential and industrial facilities, as well.

Why should you trust Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC in Fort Myers, FL?

  • We believe proactive preparation is the best defense against the unexpected, by saving property, protecting building occupants, and allowing better safety for our firefighting professionals.
  • We take responsibility for the compliance of the codes, and we know the UL listing of the products we use and ensure they meet the rating of the fire barrier and use only tested systems which we install to strict specifications.
  • We specialize in the fire stopping of electrical systems, mechanical, plumbing, fire sprinklers, data systems, top of wall and curtain wall.
  • Our estimating department is at your disposal to provide you with more information about our fire protection service and unit prices.

We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients on your next fire stopping job. Just give us a call at (239) 240-2540 today!

Fire stopping is a method of containing fire and smoke by establishing fire rated assemblies in maintaining and construction those barriers through fire-rated caulks, putties, mortars, as well as intumescent collars and pillows. Based in Fort Myers, FL, we perform full-service barrier reconstruction and remediation of existing structures. We also provide a professional fire protection service for new construction projects and work with architectural and engineering firms, general contractors, and construction managers to ensure "zero-tolerance" for follow-up third-party inspections. Stay on this page to learn more about the services Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC offers and the advantages of hiring an experienced fire protection contractor.

What We Do

We are a full-service qualified and factory mutual firestop contractor dedicated to solving the issues of passive fire protection. We use various components and devices, and graphite fire stopping products to seal openings and joints for renovations and new constructions, making sure that each project we undertake meets the codes, requirements, and standards for a safer and better building environment. Whatever the project might be, our fire protection solutions have got you covered. We look forward to working with you and your company/facility.

The Importance of a Quality Fire Protection System

Codes for the installation and inspection of fire suppression systems are constantly being scrutinized to ensure that the fire stopping in each building is maintained and installed throughout its lifecycle. Properly installed systems will restore the integrity of a fire-rated barrier and stop superheated gases, smoke, toxic fumes, and fire from migrating from room-to-room, or from one floor to another.

Based in Fort Myers, FL, Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC is the firestop contractor you can trust. Just let us know how we can assist in ensuring your rated barriers are 100% ready should a fire strike, by calling us today. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about us or our outstanding fire suppression solutions. 

The Reliable Fire Protection Contractor in Your Area

A fire protection system that is made out of many components that are used to seal joints and openings in floor assemblies or fire-resistance-rated walls is called a firestop. They can also be called Multi Cable Transmits and are designed to restore the continuous floor assemblies or fire-resistance of walls as they stop the spread of smoke or fire by filling any rooms or facilities with fire-resistant materials. And that is what Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC is created for. We have been in business for 6 years and we are registered as a Limited Liability Company. Our customers are happy with the services from our fire protection company such as:

Protection service. With our professional equipment, our team of professionals are always ready to provide you with an affordable protection service and we make sure you are safe, doesn’t matter if you are at home or work.

Fire stopping services. We can be your reliable fire stopping contractor as we provide with the system that increases fire-resistance by reducing the chances of the fire to spread around the building you live in or a specific area. The main benefit of choosing us is that we know many ways to keep the fire in just one area or one room for a long period of time. This allows our clients to benefit from having more time for a safe evacuation and more time for firefighters to get to the burning place and also reduce the damages caused by the spread of fire.

Fire service. Do you smell smoke in your business building? We got you covered as we can provide adequate and immediate fire protection so you don’t need to worry about any fire at your workplace.

Do you need reliable fire protection? Advanced Firestop Solutions LLC is located in Fort Myers, FL, make sure you call us at (239) 240-2540 now.

What We Do

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