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ACE Hardware/Oakley Plaza
ACE Hardware/Oakley Plaza

Retail renovation of Oakley Plaza to accommodate ACE Hardware store Project Cost: $3,500,000 As part of the City of Oakleys plan for a revitalized downtown, the owners of the local ACE Hardware store submitted a bid to renovate the Oakley Plaza retail center and build an expanded ACE store on Main Street in downtown Oakley. The existing strip mall was originally built in 1963. The tasks for TEAMWRKX included a complete remodel of the shopping centers 300-foot faade, construction of an 18,500 sq. ft. addition, and renovation of 17,500 sq. ft. of space to create a modern, well-appointed 36,000 sq. ft. ACE store. TEAMWRKX was also able to expedite permits, inspections and fees, as well as installation of utilities to meet the owners tight schedule.

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