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Serving the entire state of Arizona, we are dedicated and experienced professionals driven to exceed our customers' expectations.  Arizona Foundation Works provides a comprehensive, specialized foundation repair service utilizing innovative tools to deliver cost-effective solutions.  Our process is unsurpassed in terms of ease-delivering fast and non-intrusive solutions for various foundation problems.  We strive for excellence in the services we provide with quality workmanship you can trust.

Foundation movement occurs when the soil under your home shrinks or shifts.  When this happens all or parts of your foundation will experience vertical movement such as sinking, sloping and settling, which can cause cracks in your foundation and the interior of your home.  Lateral movement occurs when the soil outside the foundation walls expands.  These movements are attributed to changes in soil conditions, and most commonly occur in clay soil.  This movement can cause cracking, bowing and leaning of the affected walls.  Other causes attributing to foundation problems are climate, poorly compacted soil, improper drainage, irrigation and plumbing leaks.  Arizona Foundation Works will carefully evaluate your foundation to identify the source of the damage and provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.  At Arizona Foundation Works, we utilize the latest technologies available to us to achieve optimal results for you. 

We are highly trained specialists dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your structural issues.  We offer industry standard high quality foundation repair products.  Within our diverse line of products is the geotechnical polyurethane system. This system is the ideal choice for making repairs for numerous interior and exterior foundation settlement problems, and utilizes specially formulated polyurethane foam for sub-grade applications to perform in both wet and dry soil conditions.  The features and benefits of our polyurethane products are strong and durable, yet lightweight, which reduces loads on existing soil conditions.  Repair time is swift, and less intrusive, with quick and simple clean up and immediate use of the treated areas.  Since our urethane cures in minutes, most solutions exhibit 90% of full compression strength in 15 minutes.  Arizona Foundation Works offers fast, cost-effective solutions for various types of settlement issues with concrete and pavement. Our unique approach to foundation repair provides numerous advantages over more traditional methods.



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