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I became acquainted with Grace Point Contracting in February of 2017, I was highly impressed with the owners fortitude and tenacity in delivering a timely accurate estimate for a Multi-Family Apartment Complex that I was building. I decided to offer the Project Siding, Window and Door Installation, Masonry and Interior Finish Carpentry to Grace Point Contracting. Grace Point Contracting has impressed me in every way, Predominately with their Integrity and Honesty as well as their desire and ability to deliver on everything that they do or say. The Owners Do what they Say and Say what they mean on every level and have proven to be one of my best and proudest business decisions in bringing Grace Point Contracting on as my Premier Siding, Window and Door Installation, Masonry, Finish Carpentry and Deck and Handrail Contractor. Grace Point has tremendously lightened my work load by providing highly competent employees to every one of my building sites. I am honored to Have Grace Point Contracting as one of my Main Go to Contractors. They have a Do what it Takes, Professional and Get it Done Philosophy and attitude, never not even one time have they Failed me or let me down in any way, and I would refer them to anyone and stand behind them in everything they do, Thank you guys, for all of your hard work, I look forward to having Grace Point Contracting on each and Every Building Site that I am involved in. Keep up the Good Work
Dave Mayo of MD Construction Management services

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