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Fair-Haired Dumbbell Fair-Haired Dumbbell 3D GPR Beam Mapping
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Concrete GPR provides expert damage prevention with ground penetrating radar; locating post-tension cables, utility conduits, PEX tubes, and more throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Concrete GPR was formed by Jeff Sohlstrom and Reid Davis to offer their deep technical GPR expertise and commitment to the highest level of customer service.  We are an Oregon certified emerging small business (#10594) with competitive pricing, high production rates, and a unique range of high-end ground penetrating radar services.

Concrete Imaging and Utility Locating

We are highly experienced imaging all major types of reinforced concrete: post-tensioned slabs; slab on grade; pre-cast / prestressed structures; tilt-up panels.  We are also highly experienced scanning a wide range of underground services: utility locating; underground storage tanks (fuel / oil / septic); drain fields; bedrock mapping; voids & sinkholes.  This range of experience extends to virtually anything underground or in concrete, so over the years we've spearheaded eccentric projects such as mapping tree roots in high definition; thickness and delamination of asphalt layers; searching for murder evidence; investigating historic mass graves.

3D GPR Mapping

Typically, GPR scanning is brought in after things are already going sideways, as a reactive measure, which can create extensive change-order type cost overruns.  In these cases it's typically used like a fancy 2D locate, with findings marked directly on the surface so work can proceed as soon as possible.  We are highly proficient with this type of work and execute our projects with extreme efficiency of time and cost.  However, with our expertise and background, we're also able to offer advanced proactive 3D services.  With these services, we can create accurate 3D models of existing conditions.  In effect, we can re-create as-built documentation based on real existing conditions.  This is particularly effective in remodels and D&B projects, and can shift the imaging costs to the front end of the project.

Nationwide Service

Jeff and Reid have worked on hundreds of Pacific Northwest projects in the past decade, providing advanced 3D GPR solutions.  We've traveled to Chicago over a dozen times, Grenada, Guam, Mexico, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, Anchorage, Kodiak, most of California, most of Washington.  When you need to overcome unique challenges which overwhelm your local provider, we're the right crew for the job.

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Realtime 2D Linescans  (GPR Locating, X-Ray)

By carefully evaluating a series of straight line (2D) data samples, our skilled technicians can investigate many projects in real-time.  With a linescan project we can mark our findings directly on the scanned area so your work can proceed immediately.  It’s a bit like calling 811, but a whole lot more.  Some common 2D linescanning services include: marking post-tension cables and determining safe core drilling locations in reinforced concrete; locating utilities like water or gas mains and service drops for safe excavation and directional boring; quickly clearing anchor embeds for seismic reinforcement and equipment installation.

3D Grid Scanning

Linescanning has limitations, and isn’t appropriate for every project.  That’s where 3D grid scans come in.  With a 3D scan, we create a high density grid of ground penetrating radar data for post-processing in the office.  This allows us to evaluate your project areas in precise detail. Because we’re working with a 3D data model, we can report our findings back to you in detailed reports.  We can even output 3D DXF files that you can incorporate into your CADD and BIM projects.  3D scans can overcome the limitations of poor data quality and obstructed site access to accomplish projects that aren’t feasible with realtime linescanning.  They are also much more cost efficient for tackling large projects, and provide permanent documentation for insurance, inspection, due diligence, and future projects.

Consistently delivering accurate findings and exceptional customer service.

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