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By 2006, Dave had become frustrated working in an industry that increasingly chose to sacrifice craftsmanship for cost and full-time supervision for paperwork. He firmly believed you should provide a good job at a reasonable cost and could do so if the job was managed well. The answer was to go out on his own, so I returned from my position with Darden Industries in the Mid-Atlantic to help him establish Grafflin Construction.

In a difficult Southern California construction market Dave’s years of experience and commitment to turning out quality products, paired with my energy, education in sustainability and view to the future of construction, has allowed us to survive and even thrive. The vocal support from long-term customers was a continuous reminder of our purpose. Growth over the first ten years has been steady, including the purchase and rework of RTiS in 2011, a commercial systems furniture company.

We began as a father and daughter team and were pleased to be joined by my brother, Ryan Grafflin, in 2016. We proudly embrace that we are a family-owned business with the loyalty and investment that suggests. But our family has grown to include a full-time office staff of 3, field staff of 9 experienced supervisors and 4 hard-working laborers. This dedicated core at Grafflin Construction individually and collectively share our work ethic, honor and ideals. We are all committed to the tradition of craftsmanship we value. Our vendors and clients can count on it.

Although we initially specialized in retail banking we have steadily developed our portfolio with commercial tenant improvement work in the $1 to $3.5 million range with great success. As we continue to grow and expand our specialties, we sincerely look forward to working with you.

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