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Our Story

First let me say "thank you" for considering Bad Wolf Stone & Co for your upcoming project, and given the opportunity I greatly look forward to meeting you and sharing my passion for this industry ! My name is Kymberley , (yep, I'm a girl)  and I am also referred to as "The Wolf" ... this is how it came to be. When I first met my husband and asked him about his profession, he told me he was a stone mason. My first thought was "well that's boring"...being a people person I just couldn't find the excitement ! My own background as a designer , I grew up going to KNOX Lumber with my dad every Saturday and watching him transform average things into great ones .I learned a lot from my dad during our trips to knox lumber ," always use quality supplies", " do it right the first time ", and my favorite " If you wont be proud to tell everyone you made it , then you probably shouldn't have made it ". So as the story goes, the Stone Mason took the designer on a tour of some of the work he had done throughout the years , including his 13 years in commercial and restoration work , and his 10 years in new construction and remodel. The designer in me suddenly noticed all the details in masonry , as our dates became" drives around town to look at stone ", he may have been thinking ...."what have I started ?" My passion for learning all I could about the trade could not be stopped, staying up late reading up on the structural aspects of solid masonry knowing the importance of "doing it right the first time" . I had more questions about masonry than he had ever expected to answer , but he knew a lot and was good enough to share his knowledge. The fire was officially lit when I was given a chance to come help one day, I was supposed to mix mud, sort stones, etc.. By lunchtime I was using the chop saw , sticking stones and telling my husband to " rearrange" some of his work ! Now you know where the Bad Wolf originated. After years of observing , I decided there was a GREAT need out there, not only for the industry as a whole , but I was looking at masonry as an art form and wasn't always impressed at what I was seeing.. The number of times I saw work that had no visual interest ,  colors weren't blended, etc.. work id like to call forgettable, but I couldn't get it out of my mind !  . Masonry is hard work either way you build it , but the effort it takes to create "STUNNING" work while also building a strong structural foundation comes from years of learning and a PASSION for creating something you are proud of . Deciding to start this business , I knew that I needed to learn every step of the way and found myself in work boots on a daily basis, coming home with sand in my hair, and accepting some strange looks along the way. I continue to work in the field , while designing and feel such great accomplishment at the end of a day ! We may not be every jobs mason, but as we continue to train others to look at masonry as an art form as well as a solid structure, build our team and to continue to educate the consumer on their choices , we hope to inspire more young people and to keep the trade alive.  I just wish I would have met that mason when I was 20 !  So if you've hung on through this long drawn out explanation of "Our Story", I hope I answered those key questions you may have , what makes us different ? the (WOLF)  why did we get started ? (The WOLF) ... all kidding aside, we hope every client sees the excitement , the professionalism , and our combined talents that help us produce superior work. Although we do work with manufactured stone, our specialty is with Natural Stone and we are craftsmen of the stone, chipping and hand detailing to create perfection. Due to the volume of natural stone we purchase we are able to deliver a superior product that will last a  lifetime... at an exceptional price.

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Animal Hospital / Kennel
Apartments & Condominiums
Assisted Living
Auto Dealership / Service
Church / Synagogue
City / Town Hall
Club House / Community Center
Design Build
Fire / Police Station
Gas Station
Golf Course
Grocery Stores
Hotel / Motel
Medical Office
Radio / Television Station
Residential Building
Retail Store

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5-9 Employees
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Public Private
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From $5,000 to $50,000
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Woman Business Enterprise
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Small Business Enterprise

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