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Founded In: 2005
Size: 20-49 Employees
Annual Vol: Not Provided
BIM Experience Small Business Enterprise

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Safe Site Utility Services LLC Safe Site Utility Services (SSUS) is a full service subsurface utility locating firm (level D, Level C, Level B, Level A). SSUS is co-owned and managed by principals with 35+ years experience in the underground utility locating and services industry. Our Arizona Operations began in 2005 and for over 11 years we have been providing our utility locating services throughout the State of Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. Safe Site is known throughout our industry as a highly versatile locating company that has the capabilities and resources to provide superior services. State-of-the-art equipment paired with our vast experience allows Safe Site to offer unparalleled service to public and private utility owners at all phases of their projects.

We do not simply dig according to map information that is often times outdated and incomplete. Safe Site performs a complete Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI) utilizing various applicable geophysical means including electromagnetic locating (EL), ferromagnetic locating (FL), acoustic locating (AL), and ground penetrating radar (GPR). Our Goal on every project is to identify any and all potential utility conflicts so there are no surprises during construction.


What separates Safe Site Utility Services from others in the industry?

Our proficiency, and meticulous attention to detail in Quality Level B and Quality Level A is what separates Safe Site from others in the industry and allows us to provide unrivaled SUE/SUI services.

The emphasis on Quality Level B stage of the process cannot be overstated and is often overlooked by others in the industry. Quality Level B involves the application of appropriate surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of utilities within the project limits prior to Level A (Test Hole) stage. The information obtained in this manner is mapped to project control. This approach addresses problems caused by inaccurate utility records, abandoned or unrecorded facilities, and lost or missing utility references.

Quality Level A is the highest level of accuracy presently available and involves the full use of the subsurface utility engineering services. This method involves the nondestructive exposure of underground utilities (vacuum excavation), and provides the depth of cover, type, size, condition, material, X, Y, & Z coordinates and other characteristics of underground features.

Safe Site has a wide range of equipment and unparalleled experience which allows us to be more effective than others in the industry. Our technicians are proficient in the operation and interpretation of all types of underground utility locating equipment. Our expertise allows us to eliminate unnecessary potholing and also identify previously unknown utility conflicts. 

Services: Utility Locating, Utility Mapping, Subsurface Utility Investigation & Engineering, Vacuum Excavation Air/hydro, Concrete Coring, Concrete Scanning (C-GPR), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Confined Space Entry, Pipe Camera /CCTV, Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI)

Our Clients:

- Private Property Owners

- Plumbing Contractors

- Developers

- Communications/Internet Providers

- Utility Companies

- Pharmaceutical Plants

- Property Management Companies

- School Districts

- Municipalities

- Environmental Services Firms

- Directional Drilling Contractors

- Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

- Mining Companies- Colleges & Universities

- Governmental Agencies

- Construction & Contracting Companies

- Engineering Firms

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