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Tree Pruning Services                                                                                                                                                                      

Here at California ALL STAR TREE SERVICES, can determine the type of tree pruning necessary to maintain the appearance, and safety of your trees.

These techniques include:

  • Eliminating branches that rub each other, removing limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, or windows, or that obstruct streets or sidewalks.
  • Removing dead or weak limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay
  • Removing diseased or insect-infected limbs creating better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage.
  • Removing limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions.
  • Removing branches, or thinning, to increase light penetration.
  • Improving the shape or silhouette of the tree.

Pruning your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are many tree pruning, methods for different species of trees, and for how you want your trees to grow. Pruning a tree can help bring more sunlight to your lawn for healthy grass growth. It can also help keep your roof and gutters clear of debris. And keep those squirrels from getting in your house.

Tree Removal Services

Here at California ALL STAR TREE SERVICES, can determine necessary tree removals, to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous. Removals can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to grow and thrive. In some cases, trees may also be removed to allow for new construction, home additions and to provide clearances with those structures.

Often, tree workers must remove trees growing in confined spaces near houses, utility lines and other sensitive areas. Tree removal requires considerable expertise to successfully perform this task.

At California ALL STAR TREE SERVICES, our employees are highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. We provide thorough clean up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation.

As part of the tree removal process, the stump will typically be left as close to the ground as possible. If needed, removal of the stump can be provided. Stump removal can be challenging and often special machinery is required, but it may be necessary if the stump is a hazard in the landscape or simply an eyesore. Stump grinding by a professional is the easiest and safest way to handle this work.

Our Company Guarantee

California ALL STAR TREE SERVICES offers a custom approach to residential and commercial tree cutting and tree removal services that is guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Our skilled, insured tree cutting and tree removal professionals guarantee that your job will be done safely and expertly.

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