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Size: 1-4 Employees
DUNS: 07-663-6434

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Our goal at Spectrum Signworks is to make only the highest quality signs, with the highest quality materials, using only the best equipment available in the industry.  Above all, great customer service is our #1 priority.

Located in Naples, Florida we are a local, family owned business with a nationwide network of partners and resources. We are a full service sign company that develops high impact graphic solutions to meet all of your signage needs. Our state-of-the art equipment, eco-friendly inks, and highly experienced designers produce large format print images with stunning color and clarity.

Southwest Florida Sign Company

We make indoor signs, as well as all other kinds of signs for businesses in the Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Florida, and all of Collier and Lee County. From lobby signs, vehicle wraps, to ADA signs to wall and floor graphics, there are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to indoor signs. We can create any type of custom lobby sign, which can be made in just about any shape and size, and from just about any type of sign product or material. If you’re looking for something affordable, we can help. And if you’re looking for something much more custom, that will wow, impress, and even amaze your customers and prospects, then you’ve come to the right sign company.

Why Choose Spectrum Signworks?

Complete sign services – design, fabrication, installation & maintenance
We use our trusted employees and skilled subcontractors
Value – craftsmanship, high quality materials, great prices
World class customer service

Custom Sign Design & Fabrication Services

Design, Production, and Installation Services – Naples, FL

We consult all of our clients to be able to put together the best signage package possible, focusing on factors like materials, style, industry trends and standards, budget and more. If you’re a brand new company just starting out, or an established business in your area, we can help with all your signage. Great signs generate leads, customers and interest. Call today for more information.

If you need signage services for your business we can help. We do graphic design including custom logos, as well as sign manufacturing. At Spectrum Signworks, we specialize in everything signs, so if you need a sign for your business, or if you have any other questions about signs, give us a call. We’re always happy to sit down with clients and help them explore their signage options.

Services we offer:

Graphic Design & Consultation
Sign Manufacturing
Sign Installation
Sign Permitting
Sign Repair

We offer a full SPECTRUM of products, such as indoor & outdoor signs, vehicle, window, wall & floor wraps, trade show & event displays, and a full Spectrum of services including consulting, design, and production. We strive to exceed your expectations with exceptional products and superior customer service.

Graphic Design

Spectrum Signworks is a full service custom sign and graphic design company located in Naples, FL, and we serve all of Collier County and Lee County. We have an amazing staff trained to make your graphic design visions come to life. Whether you’re using these graphic designs for packaging, posters, advertisements, business flyers, etc., we want your artwork to be memorable, and attract as many customers as possible. Our design team will work with you until we come up with a finished product that is pleasing to both you and the customers.

Here are a few examples of what the graphic design process looks like:

Our graphic designers have decades of experience with graphic design and sign design. From very simple clean and elegant, to over-the-top, loud and extravagant, we can do it all. Typically, we like to sit down with our client and discuss some of their business goals. We like to ask them how they envision their business, and what type of business they want to be so that we can give them a design that they are truly satisfied with. We take all ideas and visions of the company, and we intertwine it into the artwork to make it that much more meaningful. The design team at Spectrum Signworks wants you to be happy with the finished piece more than anything else.

Logo Design

Your business logo is arguably the most important aesthetic in all of the design work. We want to make a logo that your customers will remember for years and years. There is a lot that goes into a logo, it’s more than just some design that you whip up in a couple of minutes. The same goals and visions that you have for your business should go into your business logo. Often times, it’s hard to come up with logos on your own, but that’s why the professionals here at Spectrum Signworks are here for you. We take all your ideas, and come up with a few options for you to choose from.

Once we’ve created a few mockups of logos for you to choose from, we work with you to make edits and hone in on the final design. Once you are happy with your logo, we can help you in a lot of other ways too. For example, we can print your business cards, flyers, and other print marketing materials. We can use your design as the basis for a vehicle wrap or window graphics. We can also help by designing and installing new custom signs in your new store or offices. If you have any questions about logo design or our other services, contact us, or fill out the form in the sidebar to the right and will be back to as soon as possible.

Sign Manufacturing

At Spectrum Signworks, we manufacture many different types of custom signs right here in our facility in North Naples, and we serve all of Collier County and Lee County. We have experts trained in manufacturing all types of signs for your business. You may not know what kind of sign you want for your business, and that’s ok. Spectrum Signworks has a staff specifically trained to help you choose the sign that would be most beneficial for your company.

Here are some pictures of what the manufacturing process looks like:

Spectrum Signworks has many more than qualified sign experts whose main goal is to design and build the sign of your dreams. We want to encompass everything you want into your company sign. The point of a business sign is to grab the attention of the people who see it, so you want your sign to stand out from your competitors. We can help you through the design process, all the way through the manufacturing process.

We manufacture custom signs of all kinds. Whether you need a vehicle wrap, post and panel sign, custom engraved sign, ADA-compliant braille sign, lobby sign, or building sign, we make our signs in order to meet your unique needs. We can also help by designing and installing new custom signs in your new store or offices. If you have any questions about custom signs for your business, contact us, or fill out the form in the sidebar to the right and will be back to as soon as possible. We’d also be happy for you to visit our showroom and tour our manufacturing facility.

Professional Sign Installation

At Spectrum Signworks, we can install signs, any type of sign in just about any place. From small signs for your offices, to large outdoor building signs, we can do it all. If you need help with a custom sign for your business, and you are located in the East Bay Area, we can help. We’re a full service custom sign and graphic design company located in Naples, FL, and we serve all of Collier County and Lee County.

Sign installation is not an easy process, that’s why it is important to leave it to a professional. Here at Spectrum Signworks, we have a staff of trained professionals who have decades of experience with sign installation. We know that having a sign for you company is essential to your business, and that’s why you want your sign to look as professional as possible.

Every type of sign is different, so it’s important to make sure to use a professional sign company that is familiar with a wide range of sign products. If you aren’t sure what the best types of signs to install at your business are, we can help you with the entire design process. If you have ideas of your own, we can help bring them to life, and if you don’t have any ideas, and are looking for some direction, we can help with that too. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about signs and the services that we offer. 

At Spectrum Signworks, we offer sign permitting and application services in addition to all our other sign products and services. We are state licensed specialty sign contractors, which gives us the ability to sell and install signs throughout the state of Florida.

Sign Permit Application Services for Collier & Lee County

However, we primarily serve Collier County and Lee County. Sign permitting can be a complicated and confusing process if you don’t know what types of permits you need, but thats why Spectrum Signworks is here to help. We take care of the permitting and application processes for businesses in Collier County and Lee County Florida.

Here are a few examples of what legally obtaining a sign permit allows you to do:

Part of the process at Spectrum Signworks is researching and obtaining the proper sign permits. Any business that buys a sign from us can rest assured that we will do all the proper research to make sure that your signs are up to your city’s code. All you have to worry about is approving design changes, and running your business. If you have any questions about sign permitting or obtaining sign permits for your business, we would be happy to sit down with you and go over the process. Contact us today or fill out the form in the sidebar to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sign Repair and Maintenance

At Spectrum Signworks, we offer sign repair and maintenance services for electric & lighted, neon, led, punched metal, wood, foam, vinyl and more. Our sign repair services complements our custom sign design, manufacturing, and installation services. If you have a sign for your business that is broken, needs repair, or just needs some maintenance work done to it, we have a staff of trained professionals who specialize in sign repair and maintenance. We understand that just like anything, signs need upkeep, and you want your business signs to look its best in order to attract the most customers.

No matter the cause, whether it be natural disaster, age, vandalism, etc., signs often need to be repaired. Rather than trying to do it yourself, and possibly causing more damage to your sign, it’s a good idea to call a professional to come out and look it at. In a lot of cases, sign replacement is not necessary, they may just need to be repaired. The staff at Spectrum Signworks has years of experience in dealing with sign repair.

Sign Maintenance

Signs wear down, break, and eventually fall apart. It’s inevitable, but the proper maintenance work can stretch the life of your sign and help prevent it from breaking nearly as often. Some types of older signs, especially neon signs and other lighted signs, have a tendency to break often and require extensive maintenance. This can cause the sign to become fairly expensive over time.

However, there have been advances in LED lighting technology that have changed the sign industry. LED lights burn brighter, last longer, and operate at a fraction of the cost of just about any other type of lighting, so most businesses are switching to LED lighted signs. If you have an older sign and you are thinking about upgrading it, or if you would just like repairs and maintenance work done to your current signs, we can help. 


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