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NATIVE SLURRY BACKFILL is a predictable and precise structural backfill material that uses native on-­site material mixed with cement and water to create a performance backfill.

Native Slurry Backfill (NSB) is a controlled low-­strength material (CLSM) utilizing the on-­site  soils. NSB  is a self-­compacted, cementitious  material primarily used as a structural fill or backfill alternative to compacted soil backfill. It is often referred to by different names including   flowable fill, controlled density fill, soil-cement slurry, and un-shrinkable  fill.It   is  self-­leveling, having the approximate consistency of pancake  batter, and can be placed in one lift with minimal labor and no vibration or tamping. The American Concrete  Institute (ACI) and the California   Soil Stabilization Association (CSSA) defines these materials as having a compressive strength of less than 1,200psi, however most current NSB 2 applications require unconfined compressive strengths between 50?300 psi. This lower strength is comparable with the density of compacted soil  backfill, and is engineered to allow for ease during future excavation. Since NSB is designed to be fluid,it can easily be placed as backfill in a trench, hole or other cavity. Because it requires no compaction the trench width or size of excavation can be reduced.   Soil  backfill, even if compacted properly in the required layer thicknesses, cannot achieve the efficiency, predictability, and uniformity of NSB. NSB is a viable replacement for costly aggregates and compacted soill and and is also a proven mitigation for contaminated soils that typically would require costly treatment and/or removal.


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