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Jensen Backhoe, LLC, with over three decades of on the job experience is focused on building lifelong relationships with its customers.We believe that the backbone of any successful business is the connections they have to the community they serve. Our clients know that when they have septic issues, the first and only call they need to make is to Jensen Backhoe, LLC. We have proven time and again to the customers that rely on us that we deliver consistently high quality service; relying on our superior knowledge, attention to detail and using our ongoing industry education to further our utilization of the most modern tools and techniques.Workmanship is always foremost on our minds as we take pride in delivering the very best possible solutions. Call today to experience the Jensen Backhoe, LLC difference for yourself and see why our clients not only praise our work but recommend us to friends and neighbors.

As the saying goes, “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.”Septic systems in homes and offices are one of the most important moving pieces in the puzzle that is the care and maintenance of property. Ensuring its continuing operation and providing repairs in a timely manner when necessary are cornerstones of good household management when you are serious about protecting your investment.The conscientious property owner is looking for high quality workmanship provided at competitive prices and an ongoing relationship with their service providers. Those are our clients.Jensen Backhoe, LLC is locally owned and operated by Scott Jensen and comes equipped to serve you with the brand of hard won experience that can only be attained by working in the field day in and day out for over 30 years.


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