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San Diego, California 92120
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Affordable Commercial Cleaning in the San Diego Area.

No matter how competitive your company’s core strengths may be, a visitor to your building may gain an entirely mistaken impression of your business if the workplace environment doesn’t reflect a commitment to precision and order. That’s where OMEX®, the Office Maintenance Experts come in. In an industry that’s largely dominated by the common wisdom that “good enough” is just that, OMEX® has revolutionized office maintenance by applying some of the same innovations and values that assist successful businesses everywhere. Where many cleaning companies seek only to maintain, each and every OMEX® professional seeks to excel — by harnessing technology, offering rigorous training to staff, and by applying codified, standardized accountabilities to every aspect of office maintenance. With more than thirty years of experience in surpassing the expectations of organizations ranging from branch offices to large, multinational Fortune 500 companies, OMEX® maintains millions of square feet of office space each day, with a staff that numbers well over a thousand.

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