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Experience. Quality. Integrity.


We know what to do because we’ve done it before.

It’s a simple, inarguable fact: there is no substitute for experience. Bader’s Group has over 20 years invested in learning our trade, developing skills and understanding how to get things done in the most effective and efficient way possible. That means that we don’t scramble for the quick fix or waste time trying to learn on the job. We have the experiential knowledge required to complete the job efficiently and correctly. With more than two decades of construction, installations, remodeling, renovating, contracting and inspecting, there’s not much we haven’t seen or experience before.

When we show up at the job site we bring more than tools. We bring decades of combined experience. You get the benefit of everything we’ve done up to this moment…and we’ve done a lot!   Go with the company that knows. Go with Bader’s Group.


When it comes to quality, we take things personally.

When the professionals at Bader’s Group tackle a project, we approach it by first asking ourselves one particular question: If this were MY home or business, how would I want things done?

This puts things in their proper perspective…and it ensures you get a quality job that starts with quality products and materials. We know the difference between good and good enough and we don’t compromise. It’s our opinion that the quality of the materials will be remembered long after you’ve forgotten the price. And we believe there is a true difference between price and cost; a difference that can either save or loose you money in the long run. When you start with quality, you pay one price. When you compromise and settle for inferior products, you spend more maintaining and/or replacing defective materials. It is always our goal at Bader’s Group to provide the highest quality at the best possible price. 

Workmanship that shows pride

As a family-owned business we take a great deal of pride in the work we do. Every step in the process, whether it’s a simple window replacement or an extensive construction project, is performed with meticulous precision and attention to detail. From our Project Managers to our skilled craftsmen, we make sure that every project is completed to your satisfaction. Management oversight provides an additional review and inspection so that no detail is ever overlooked. Seamless installations and replacements, quick and cost-effective air conditioning repairs, amazing remodeling and renovations: whatever we do, we do with pride at Bader’s Group.

Why a Licensed Contractor is the Smart Choice for EVERY Project

When you receive a bid from Bader’s Group, you’re getting more than a detailed estimate. As a licensed contractor, we provide peace of mind built with every quote. A licensed contractor brings a level of accountability that you won’t find elsewhere…and that can save you money, frustration and hassles.

If You Want To Be Your Own GC-You Need A Project Manager

If you don’t want to hire a Contractor because your budget is tight but you don’t want the headaches that overseeing the Project represents, we will Manage your Project from the beginning to the end including participating in the design process, request bids, prepare the Contracts with all sub-contractors, inspect the Job and approve Pay Applications, Change orders and make sure that the Project is going as per schedule and that no sub-contractor is ahead on payments. Having us manage the project is more affordable than having a dedicated General Contractor.

Beware of the “Instant” Contractor

These are usually people who have worked as a laborer or other position in construction for a brief period of time. With a few fliers and maybe a quick ad, they’re open for business. They can’t afford the costs of liability insurance or worker’s compensation coverage. They don’t pay into any residential contractor’s recovery fund because they either can’t afford to or they don’t understand their importance in building a business. They often underbid the licensed contractor but end up trying to collect more from the customer due to inaccurate cost estimates during the bidding process. With little experience and even less capital, they soon discover they’re in over their heads. Unfortunately, some don’t realize this until they’ve started work on your home.

Hiring a Licensed Contractor protects YOU

If you have a problem with a licensed contractor, you have specific legal recourse that simply isn’t available to people who hire an unlicensed contractor. These rights help ensure you get quality work at the agreed-upon price.

A licensed contractor is insured. Our liability coverage protects you and your property. A licensed contractor is registered with the state, meeting all regulations and state guidelines in order to maintain said license. NEVER deal with an unlicensed contractor. Too much is at stake!


For Quality Work with Integrity, Call Bader’s Group LLC: Proudly serving all of Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, St Lucie County and the Treasure Coast

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