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Ace Technologies

Redwood City, California 94061
(650) 771-3897

Ace Technologies has served the residential and commercial markets in the Bay Area for over 20 years.  As a well respected small business owner, based in Redwood City, we take advantage of our niche and size to dedicate an enormous amount of time and care with each client.  This Commitment to Excellence ensures that "Our Clients" will experience a well deserved and Extraordinary Level of Customer Satisfaction, that is by far, Second to None.

Design and planning is a crucial part of our success.  Upon an initial walk through and consultation with our client, a client needs assessment is produced and given to our design team to start the process.  The design team will provide initial drawings and specs to outline the wiring and equipment plan.  Upon first review with the client, we will make any necessary recommendations, adjustments and modifications to the plans for a second review.  Upon a second review, details should be fine tuned enough to move forward, however needs may change during the process and adjustments will be made to accommodate, when necessary.  Upon approval of the contract and prior to start of work, we always provide a detailed payment schedule and time-line for completion.  It is important to note that client feedback is always welcome and is crucial in the development of a custom technology solution.

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