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Vortabrush Extension. Vortabrush Extension. Products
VortaVac VortaVac
VortaVac VortaVac
Vortabrush Extension. Vortabrush Extension. Products
Vortabrush Extension. Vortabrush Extension. Products
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Vortabrush (USPTO #9,429,873 B2) is the manufacturer of one of the most innovative, revolutionary products in the concrete construction business.  The Vortabrush Concrete Hole Cleaning System.


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ARE YOU OSHA SILICA DUST COLLECTION COMPLIANT WHEN YOU CLEAN HOLES IN CONCRETE?  The Vortabrush/VortaVac Cleaning System takes care of the problem!  Read on-----

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The Founder

As a Special Inspector I witnessed my first structural epoxy placement back in 2001.  From that first job I could see that there needed to be a better way of cleaning holes in preparation for placement of epoxy or driven anchors in concrete and masonry.  This started the wheels of my brain rolling.  I needed to come up with an easier and more effective system.

It took 10 years for me to think through all of the things that would be needed for such a tool to work in the field.  So, in the spring of 2011 while recovering from back surgery, I laid in my easy chair with a pencil, paper and a phone.  I sketched out a design, filed for a patent and then began lining up suppliers that I would need to make the new tool.

That is how the VortaBrush was born.

– Jaimie D. Gordon,  ICC Special Inspector (retired)

The Vortabrush cleans drilled holes in concrete and masonry for installation of wedge or epoxied anchors. The Vortabrush was invented by an ICC/WABO Special Inspector and is preferred by contractors, testing agencies, architects and engineers.

Vortabrush sizes available.

  • 5/8″x 12″
  • 3/4″ x 18″
  • 1″ x 18″
  • 1-1/4″ x  18″
  • 1-1/2″ x 18″

(Custom diameters available.)


  • Water Nozzle Attachment
  • 18″ Extension
  • (VortaVac is here!  Attachment tool for vacuums that, when used with Vortabrush, makes our system "OSHA Silica Dust Regulation Compliant" as has been enforced on September 23, 2017.  If you have a project that is already requiring compliance to this new OSHA regulation, ORDER NOW!)

We’re committed to helping you with the best in propriety anchor installation accessories.  Bolts and Rebar!  Brush sizes available for cleaning holes 5/8″ diameter and up.

  • Clean 150 holes an hour and do a superior job!
  • Save considerable labor costs. Make the owner, engineer and inspector very happy.
  • For the first time;  A method to clean wet holes thoroughly, removing the sticky paste that a damp hole creates.
  • Why is cleaning holes before installing anchors required?  See–“The Effects of Hole Cleaning on Post-Installed Anchor Systems in Concrete” for the testing results of this fact.
  • Double the holding capacity of the anchor by thoroughly cleaning the hole in concrete prior to placing the epoxy.

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