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General Information for:
KAD Paving Co.

Yucaipa, California 92399
(844) 523-7283     (909) 790-3366

General Information for:
KAD Paving Co.

Yucaipa, California 92399
(844) 523-7283     (909) 790-3366

About KAD Paving Co.

Yucaipa, California 92399

KAD PAVING Co. is the Premier Asphalt Company in Southern California. KAD PAVING Co. has over 3 generations of experience and can handle all Public Works and Private Jobs.KAD PAVING CO. owns all the machinery necessary to be able to give you TOP QUALITY at Affordable Pricing. 

KAD Paving is an accomplished and adept company that is equipped to manage any and all of your paving concerns. *We can remove and dispose of any existing pavement, concrete and/or landscaping to grade for new.

KAD Paving has been providing Southern California clients with superior uncanny service for over 20 years. KAD’s skillfulness by virtue of possessing its special knowledge in the paving industry has stemmed down from a long line of heritage dating back to the early part of the 20th century.

KAD Paving takes pride in the development of creating and maintaining ever-lasting relationships among all of its patrons to guarantee considerate, proficient, and expert service.  

Our main lines of business include:Paving Contractors, Concrete Contractors, General Engineering Contractors

KAD PAVING Co, Inc has been in the blue book since 2010.


Our Services


-Asphalt Repairs/Overlays   -Seal Coat    -Tack   -Crack Fill   -Type I & II Road Slurry   -Concrete    -Speed Bumps   -Berm   -Trench Paving   -Pothole Repair

-Roller-Compacted Concrete   -Striping   -Demolition  -Grinding  -Equipment Rentals  -Grading   -Gates/Fences   -Block Walls   -ADA Updates Handicap Access


Asphalt Sector

When working in conjunction with KAD, not only do you receive remarkable asphalt sediment, but a permanent bond lasting a lifetime. Our continuous development over the years is a directly contributed from our customer referrals as well as our aggressive pricing strategies. In addition to the insertion of asphalt, we deliver generations of expertise in executing a pre-emptive asphalt paving strategy to insure the longevity of the product. Through the season’s change and the passing of time the asphalt will weaken and begin to decline, in turn let KAD guide you through the process of precise maintenance to guarantee a max duration of your asphalt product. 

Seal Coat Sector

KAD conveys elaborate maintenance programs to prolong the life of existing pavement as well as the striping to ensure a visual appeal to the finished project. By using a seal coat you employ the most flexible and economical way to lengthen and safeguard a paving investment over time, while making the finished product look immaculate. In other words the seal acts as agent to the asphalt, where as stain would to a wood fence. When asphalt is exposed to the elements such as sun, rain and the everyday friction of traffic, some of the original properties such as waterproofing and binding will begin to escape the asphalt. Over time the asphalt will gradually fade in color and manifest damages, which if left untouched could be destructive to the wholeness of the asphalt. Water may begin to permeate through cracks and crevices of the asphalt, which ultimately could compromise the sub grade below. If the sub grade is warn away, the base below will begin to fault thus the asphalt will eventually dislodge and break apart on the surface. If the asphalt reaches this stage it will require the entire element to removed and 

replaced. A complete removal and replacement (R&R) will be costly to your investment. To prevent this from occurring small cracks would be filled with oil and further damage can be avoided with the use of a seal coat. When maintained correctly (annual inspections), a seal coat will add up to a quarter century of life to the pavement beneath. There are many projects that will include a seal coat and striping, which would include: tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, parking lots and many others.

Concrete Sector

Alongside the removal and replacement of asphalt, KAD also focuses on concrete and concrete grinding to help prevent area of concern (trip hazards). We deploy concrete teams consisting of foremen, cement masons and laborer. Our concrete teams stick together from one location to the next, the skill and effectiveness gained from working together at one jobsite is transferred to all others over Southern California. This heightens implementation, construction, and superiority when in the field. 

Road Slurry

KAD presently uses experts that can aid in determining if Road Slurry would be the correct remedy to your asphalt project before scheduling. When diagnosing Road Slurry as an option, the first aspect to look at is the “roughness“ of the asphalt. If the asphalt is coarse like the skin of an iguana or reptile (on a larger scale), Road Slurry would most likely be the most cost effective way to prolong the asphalt beneath. Most weathered and damaged asphalt can be protected at a fraction of the cost compared to an asphalt overlay or the complete removal and replace (R&R) of new asphalt product, yet the overlay/R&R will ultimately give the customer the longest life span of their investment.

ADA Compliancy/Striping

At KAD we are experts in the advances of ADA compliant ramps and parking lots. Striping is key in developing ADA compliant parking stalls, crosswalks and ramps that are required by law makers to be clearly laid out in all parking lots. In turn the striping also creates fresh, spotless lines that command driver safety and can significantly increase the curb appeal of any structure or business. This procedure is quick, essential, and cost-effective. 

Equipment Rentals and Operators

KAD PAVING Co. welcomes fellow contractors to rent our equipement and operators. We have low affordable pricing on all our equipement and provide discounted rates on all our operators. Some of our equipement includes Cold Milling Planer,  Screed, Paver Machine, Roller, and more. A full listing can be found on our website or please call for more information for specific pricing.


Exactly as in the first job we started, KAD Paving looks forward to creating ever-lasting relationships while adhering to your paving needs. If we can answer any questions you might have or be of any service to you, the pleasure would be ours.


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