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Aztec Environmental Services, LLC provides several services and products that are targeted towards Soil Erosion Control, Dust Control, Broom Sweeping Services, Stormwater Management.

Power Sweeping Services

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC offers power sweeping services for every application.  Construction, Trackout,  Commercial, Retail, Residential, and Industrial, Property Management, Parking Garages, and more.

Pressure Washing Services

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC offers power washing for many different surfaces.  From Concrete, Asphalt, Block, Stone, Pavers, Siding, Fencing, Graffiti Removal, and more.

We offer Erosion Control Products

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC offers a range of products and services for Dust Abatement, Dust Control, and Erosion Control.  From Straw Wattles to SWPPP products and services, we have it covered.

Dust does not have to be hazardous to be a hazard.

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC manufactures several different palliatives for different applications.  Dust Zero, Road Zero, Wisp, and DRZ96.  

If not properly controlled, fugitive dust can become a nuisance and is a health threat . It can create safety hazards by limiting visibility, and, if you don’t control dust, you could receive a citation for violating air quality rules.  Dust control is a mandatory part of environmental quality standards. Dust is considered to be a pollutant, and in some cases may actually contain hazardous materials, such as PCB’s or DDT. Some soils may even contain natural hazards, such as asbestos.

Yes, dust is a problem.

No, it cannot be completely eliminated. But in most cases, it can be controlled by applying dust palliatives.

We are the manufacturer of several types of dust control and soil erosion products:

  •  Acrylic Co-Polymer based dust palliative
  •  Bio-Organic Polymer based dust palliative
  • Certified weed free straw wattles in several different sizes, 9"x25', 12"x20', and 20"x10'.
  • Bio Filtertration socks. 

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC offers Vactor services for smaller scale applications.  

  • Paint Pit Pumping
  • Storm Drain Clean Out
  • Parking Lot Flooding
  • Many More...

Aztec Environmental Svcs. has been listed in the Blue Book since 2010.

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