The Blue Book's new SpecScope provides Building Product Manufacturers and Suppliers powerful search and analytical tools that are custom built for each sales and marketing workflow. Whether you offer a completely new product born from disruptive technology, or a long-established product experiencing a renaissance, pushing your brand to the top is critical. Knowing what’s happening for your products can make the difference in getting in front of rapidly changing trends. The Blue Book Network captures over 200,000 new projects each year, many containing full plans and specifications. Our database can provide critically important insights to help you find projects, build relationships and bring potential clients right to your virtual door. Please contact our Enterprise Solutions Team to learn how you can gain the competitive advantage today!

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Whether you are a manufacturer seeking to educate owners and architects on the value of your products, or you supply materials, services, or equipment to General Contractors and Subs, identifying your best opportunities and knowing who to contact, and at the right time, is essential to growing your business. The new SpecScope and SupplyScope business intelligence tools from The Blue Book Network make it simple to see where to focus your efforts and who to contact to strengthen your relationship network.

Who Specifies My Product?

Yes, that’s right. WHO. Our technology searches the plans and specs to find the right people and so you can develop on-going and meaningful relationships. Finding new contacts by identifying the active bidders in the right sub-trades is also an important part of building your network. SpecScope allows you to deep search over 3,000,000 annually contributed project documents to see who specified your products and on what projects.

Over the last year, these Architects have specified this Manufacturer of Fire Rated Enclosures, allowing them to build a relationship with the right people to improve their product line.

Market Trends for My Product

Understand how frequently your product is spec’d, who’s actually purchasing and installing it and on what projects and where can have great impact on how you target your market. Monitoring these trends and exposing opportunities can yield the competitive insights you need to put your company above the competition.

This manufacturer of Bike Racks & Lockers learned their products were called for at apartments/condos over the last year, helping them understand new audiences to focus on.

Are My Competitors Spec'd?

Knowing the competitive landscape is the best way to understand market potential. Monitoring your competition by spec rate, project type and/or geolocation can help you focus your marketing and product development efforts for maximum results.

This LED Lighting Manufacturer was able to see their competitor's specification rate over the last year, giving them the insight they needed to allocate marketing efforts.

Who Distributes My Product?

Being in the right place at the right time is often impossible for manufacturers. Having a network of distributors is often the best way to serve the end user and have full market penetration. Understanding which distributors are closest to the projects that require your product provides valuable insight into who should be selling your product.

This supplier of prefabricated panels is looking to target Architectural Metal Contractors over the last year.


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The Blue Book’s new SpecScope provides powerful search and analytical tools built for your unique sales and marketing workflow!

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