Free Project Leads (Nov. 2020)

FREE Planning and Bidding Phase Project Leads for Active GC ONETEAM Users!

The Blue Book Network wants to help you find more work! We are pleased to announce that all active GC ONETEAM users – customers and non-customers – now have free, seamless access to our complete list of reported projects.

From your ONETEAM “Dashboard” screen, you can quickly and easily Find Projects in your company’s area of interest and expertise – locally, regionally, and nationally. You can move planning phase projects to your Blue Book “Bid Board” to follow-up with owners and architects to qualify your company for the “GC Bidders” lists. With a single click, you can copy a pre-populated bidding or planning phase project to your ONETEAM account.

For more information, please contact the ProServices Support Team at (855) 805-2560.

Note: A new registered user must message bid invitations on at least 1-project before acquiring access to our project leads. An existing registered user must be an active user. If your company has not messaged “Invitations to Bid” on a new project in 60 days or more, your access to project leads will be blocked.