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Maxwell, TX 78656

Company Info

  • Est. 1986
  • Size 20-49 Employees
  • Annual Vol Not Provided

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Our Story

MBC, Inc. provides finishes for both residential and commercial projects. We offer the completion of all steps to finish a wall to your preference and specifications. Our services include: Tape & Float, Texture, Sheetrock Repair, Interior and Exterior Paint, Stain, Residential & Commercial Wallpaper Sales, Wallpaper Installation and/or Removal, Fabric & Mural Installation, Pressure Washing, Tile installation, Light Woodworking and Replacement, and In- Home Design Consulting.

MBC, Inc. is the product of three generations of knowledge and skill passed down by the Hupp family of Bridgeport, Ohio. After two generations built successful paint and wallpaper companies in the Ohio and West Virginia area, the family moved home and business to Austin, Texas in 1983.

The third generation of brothers took over the growing company and extended our services and service area. We’ve been part of the ever changing landscape of the beautiful state ever since, and are very proud of the role we’ve played in creating so many of the wonderful structures you see today. We’ve completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects over the years, and been fortunate to work with some of the most talented general contractors, designers and architects in our industry, not to mention numerous wonderful families who have allowed us to take part in the care and renovation of their homes. We recently moved our offices to Maxwell, Texas and are very excited about the large, spacious showroom and facility that will allow us to serve our clients better. But, as always, we travel the entire state, and are happy to provide estimates for your projects in any Texas neighborhood!

Along with the pride we take in our chosen craft, our most prized accomplishment is the ability to help people and change their life by assisting with the renewing of their surroundings. To enhance a room with color and design, re-purpose worn belongings, or to re-organize furnishings to a better suited need, can literally change the way you see yourself and live your life. Creating a new palette for your personal or business visual landscape can enhance emotions and moods, and inspire new directions. Our staff is dedicated to bringing our experience, knowledge and an attentive ear to you and your project. We will help you realize, organize, and complete your decorative vision and renovation in a pleasant, fun, punctual fashion. If you are a return client we thank you for remembering MBC, Inc. for your wallcovering and paint needs! If you are a new client, we look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for visiting! Happy decorating!!

Our Services

Best Construction Team

Our field directors, superintendents, painters, drywall finishers, and wallcovering professionals are equipped with commercial and residential experience. MBC, Inc. works diligently to employ qualified crew members whose skill can be depended on. We have separate crews for each stage of our scope:

  1. Design Team
  2. Tape, Float and Texture
  3. Paint and Wallcovering Installaion

High Level of Quality Control

MBC, Inc. representatives assist our clients to whatever degree you need us! If you already have designs and styles in place and need products ordered and installations done, no problem! We can gather required items and get you scheduled! If you are in need of design assistance and/or advice to plan your project and budget, no problem! Our design team can bring you the tools to choose products, schedule and implement the stages to completion.

Precision and Accuracy in Calculations

Our experienced estimators and design consultants strive to work with the proposed budget for all projects, whether commercial or residential. We do our best to provide our clients with pricing that allows them to successfully complete a project in a comfortable financial manner. We offer options and design ideas that open creativity, and will allow folks to get the most for their renovation, or new construction, dollars. Estimates and plans are calculated as precisely as possible to ensure your budget and time frame is as accurate as possible.

What We Do

Commercial Experience

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • San Antonio and Austin

Texas All

Our CSI Codes

06 64 00.00.01 - Plastic Paneling
07 77 00.00.01 - Wall Specialties
09 01 70 - Maintenance of Wall Finishes
09 01 70.91 - Wall Finish Restoration
09 01 90 - Maintenance of Painting and Coating
09 01 90.51 - Paint Cleaning
09 01 90.52 - Maintenance Repainting
09 01 90.53 - Maintenance Coatings
09 01 90.61 - Repainting
09 01 90.91 - Paint Restoration
09 01 90.92 - Coating Restoration
09 01 90.93 - Paint Preservation
09 05 13 - Common Finishes
09 06 70 - Schedules for Wall Finishes
09 06 90 - Schedules for Painting and Coating
09 06 90.13 - Paint Schedule
09 70 00.00.01 - Wall Finishes
09 72 13 - Cork Wall Coverings
09 72 16 - Vinyl-Coated Fabric Wall Coverings
09 72 16.13 - Flexible Vinyl Wall Coverings
09 72 16.16 - Rigid-Sheet Vinyl Wall Coverings
09 72 19 - Textile Wall Coverings
09 72 23 - Wallpapering
09 74 13 - Wood Wall Coverings
09 74 16 - Flexible Wood Veneers
09 77 13 - Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems
09 91 13 - Exterior Painting
09 91 23 - Interior Painting
09 93 13.13 - Exterior Staining
09 93 13.53 - Exterior Finishing
09 93 23 - Interior Staining and Finishing
09 93 23.13 - Interior Staining
09 93 23.53 - Interior Finishing
09 94 16 - Faux Finishing
09 94 19 - Multicolor Interior Finishing
10 26 23 - Protective Wall Covering
12 11 33 - Trompe l'oeil
12 12 23 - Tapestries

Project Experience

  • Non-Union
  • Public
  • Private
  • Projects From $500 to $250,000


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Associations & Memberships

BBB (Better Business Bureau)
BBB (Better Business Bureau)
BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ Rating
BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ Rating
MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise)
MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise)
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