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Bayview Palms Condominium Garage Repair

Project Location:
North Miami, FL
Approx Contract:


Bayview Palms Condo Association
Property Consulting Group

Scope Of Work

The two-story parking garage of the Bayview Palms Condominium had a substantial cracking problem with columns around the perimeter of the structure. The edge of the slab had spalls and deteriorated stucco, which allowed damage to the post-tension anchorages. Additionally, there were cracks thru the elevated slab and water infiltration, which leaked on the cars below from the planters and the parking deck.

Demolish and eliminate some of the planters around the perimeter
 Repair the concrete areas that were spalled
 Repair damaged post-tensioned cables and provide cover over shallow cables
 Epoxy inject cracks through the slab
Rout and seal minor cracks
Install hot applied waterproofing and drainage to the remaining planters
 Install a traffic bearing deck coating system to provide long service life to the
parking deck

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