A & M Construction Co., Inc.

Wakefield, MA 01880

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  • Est. 1998
  • Size 10-19 Employees
  • Annual Vol $6 million - $10 million


By: Whos Who of Building & Construction
May 2019


A&M Construction Co., Inc.

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Comprehensive knowledge of biotech, pharma, life sciences and microelectronics has allowed the Massachusetts-based business to prosper for more than two decades.


A&M Construction Co., Inc. serves major hospitals, big pharma clients and large manufacturing companies throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, and also handles small café projects, office fit-outs and much more.

For years, A&M Construction Co., Inc., has thrived on the contrasts that create a thoughtful and successful business. An inspired vision and grounded work ethic, leadership and service, strategic planning and forecasting have come together brilliantly at A&M Construction. An aim for superior customer service—paired with a comprehensive knowledge of biotech, pharma, life sciences and microelectronics—has allowed this commercial and industrial renovation and construction company to prosper for more than two decades.

Based in Wakefield, Massachusetts, A&M Construction has a reputation for high-profile design-build and general contractor services in the medical field, including clean rooms, labs, radiology departments, dialysis centers and hospitals; but its origin goes much deeper.

From Classroom Teacher to Construction Leader

Over 34 years ago, Mark Roberts, owner of A&M Construction, was teaching industrial arts, machine shop and wood shop at the high school level. It was there that he began to show people how to refine their craft and to pursue their potential. Teaching was a good fit for Mark. There was only one problem: He was having a hard time making a living on a teacher’s salary.

During the recession in the early 1990s, his brother-in-law, Doug Teal, talked him into applying his carpentry skills toward projects in the Boston area, and Mark made the transition from classroom teacher to construction leader. Mark went to work for Doug for a year or two before forming A&M Construction with Doug’s son, Adam Teal, in 1989, as an outgrowth of Doug’s company that didn’t make it. The name A&M Construction was formed from the first initials of Adam and Mark. Sadly, Doug passed away in 1993.

“Adam and I picked up several in-process jobs and hiccupped our way along for three to four years,” Mark says. “When Adam’s father died, his brother Matthew came on board. After regrouping and forming another company, Adam was bought out by Matthew, and I bought out Matthew in 2001.”

In construction, Mark found solid ground as a leader, ensuring quality and great work were balanced with personalized service, communication and innovation. Investing in communication technology (phones, tablets and computers) was key to ensuring the team could work closely, stay on the same page and communicate seamlessly—from the office to the field to the subcontractor to the clients.

Awareness United and Certified

Mark’s leadership has touched the lives of employees who have grown with the company, year after year. It took an insightful owner to realize the impact that A&M Construction would have on medical and pharma clients in the Northeast, and to understand that business can motivate employees, produce top-quality services and ensure every customer’s expectations are exceeded.

“I listen a lot and guide by example,” Mark says of his leadership style. “I’ve worked hard, and long days have been part of my leadership style. My employees are willing to go the extra mile for me and our clients.”

To Mark, leadership is a hands-on approach, where everyone works together united under the same vision and belief, where integrity drives character and behavior, and skill develops awareness and expertise.

“All of our staff is certified by the American Society for Health Care Engineering of the American Hospital Association through its certification program,” Mark says. “We do our work safely with awareness of patient care and doing no harm. We’ve taken that to all of our jobs, from office to lab to health care facility.”

Family, Team & the American Dream

A&M Construction is a family enterprise, and Mark’s son, Justin Conley, has found his place as an estimator and superintendent. The regard for family also extends to the team. For Mark and Justin, the legacy and continuation of the company is seen through a generational lens, which extends to clearing a path for employees to refine their craft, grow in responsibility, advance their careers and pursue the American dream, no matter where they came from or what they’ve struggled with in the past.

“We have a pretty diverse group,” Mark says. “We’re not afraid to hire people who are trying to put their lives back together. We’ve hired people who are new to this country and who have obtained green cards, owned a home and have lived the American dream. We try to grow from within. Carpenters have risen to become superintendents. And superintendents have moved up to project management positions.”

“I’ve been doing construction in residential for most of my life,” Justin says of working with Mark. “I hit a bad patch and Mark has given me the opportunity to start over again and get a career going and start a better life for myself.” There is a sense of mentorship from father to son. “I keep track of how Mark relates to clients and marketing so I can be on the same level,” Justin adds.

Mark says that Justin has had rapid exposure to all facets of commercial construction and that he’s been fully immersed. He’s also proud of what his son has been able to take on and accomplish in such a short amount of time. Mark, who has served as President of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts, has hopes that Justin will follow in his footsteps and be active in the chapter as well.

It’s a story of growth for A&M Construction defined by family, team, leadership, a unified vision and the opportunity to pursue the American dream. The tenure and expertise of this team are perfectly fit for any tough and technical project that comes its way.

“We’re unique in our qualifications and experience level for a small company, highly specialized in technical construction, labs, MRIs, X-rays and operating rooms,” Mark says. “If there’s a hard, technical and dirty project, it’s got A&M Construction’s name all over it.”

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