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Mold Remediation Course 5

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All of, CA

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Taking the CBC Mold Remediation Course is the perfect way to grow your business and improve public safety at the same time. In this single-day 8-hour course, students will learn everything they need to know about mold growth assessment and removal, including:

 What mold is and how it affects the structural integrity of a building.

Conditions that cause mold spores to spread and grow;

Why mold represents a serious health threat;

How to spot the signs of mold growth within a building;

Safe mold removal and cleanup procedures;

How you can help your customers to avoid mold in the future.

CBC Mold Remediation Course is designed specifically for general building contractors, plumbers, painters, drywall installers, HVAC technicians, carpet and flooring specialists, EPA-RRP certified renovators, restoration and water damage specialists and other construction professionals. It is also an ideal training option for certified home inspectors. How much could your business grow if you knew how to spot mold in a home or business and safely remove it?