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Electrical Crash Course – C10 ECE Certification Seminar 5

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All of, CA

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Electrical ECE Certification – Who needs to be certified?

California Regulatory Law Requires that all electricians be certified if they are working for a contractor with a class C-10 License.

Note: That if you are a C-10 contractor but working under another C-10 contractor, then you need to be certified as well.

California Electrical Certification Crash Course

Our California electrical certification crash course, taught in class or online training throughout a single day, covers the ECE certification, which is required by the Department of Apprenticeship. Offered by professional instructors, it’s the perfect way to round out your knowledge, boost your confidence, and get ready to become a certified electrician in California.

We will give you everything you need to pass this timed, open-book exam, including:

A home study guide that walks you through all the key concepts you’ll see on your test

A number of practice test questions that mimic what you’ll see on your ECE exam

A thorough review of the key concepts you’ll need to pass the exam, as well as a review of test-taking strategies

Background on the California electrical certification program, with a detailed overview of the application and approval process