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Our Story

Oly-Ola was established in 1978, our mission was simply to offer a quality edging line that was supported with a strong guarantee and excellent customer service. Recognizing the short-comings of the suppliers at that time, we chose to bring to market high-end, commercial grade edgings made up of only the best quality raw materials. This new line of plastic edging products boasted a thicker wall construction and was designed to hold up better during installation and withstand severe weather conditions. Our guarantee (the strongest in the industry, see here) gave professional contractors and suppliers the confidence they needed to place their trust in Oly-Ola’s product line.

Over the years, customers have come to expect a higher level of quality and service from Oly-Ola than the other manufacturers. From prompt shipping and delivery to follow-up calls on every order that leaves the warehouse, service is a way of life at Oly-Ola; where edging, and only edging, is our business! Over the years, we have been tested time and time again by the rising costs of raw materials and the increased presence of mass merchandisers in the market place. Oly-Ola has always stayed true to its promise of quality and to this day we do not sell our edgings to the big box or chain stores. It is common knowledge that in order to service such a market, you need a very low cost product. To achieve that, it would be necessary to reduce overall thickness or use lower grade raw materials. Refusing to forgo quality, we continue to only sell through landscape distribution centers, landscape contractors, landscape architects and independent nursery/garden centers. Oly-Ola invites you to join our worldwide family!

What We Do

Commercial Experience

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • New York City, Long Island and Hudson Valley
  • Washington D.C.
  • California-Los Angeles and Vicinity
  • Pennsylvania-Eastern
  • New England
  • Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
  • Chicago, N.W. Indiana
  • San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
  • New Jersey - North
  • Cleveland - Northeastern Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton - Southern Ohio
  • Connecticut and Western Mass.
  • Michigan
  • Arizona
  • Seattle
  • New Jersey - Central and Southern
  • Minnesota - Minneapolis / St. Paul
  • Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, Western Pa.
  • Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay
  • Indiana - Indianapolis and Vicinity
  • California-Central Valley-Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield
  • Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Portland
  • San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Utah
  • New York - Upstate
  • Maine, Vermont
  • North and South Dakota
  • Iowa, Omaha, NE
  • Montana
  • Idaho, Eastern WA

Alabama All

Alaska All

Arizona All

Arkansas All

California All

Colorado All

Connecticut All

Delaware All

District Of Columbia All

Florida All

Georgia All

Hawaii All

Idaho All

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Kansas All

Kentucky All

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Massachusetts All

Michigan All

Minnesota All

Mississippi All

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Montana All

Nebraska All

Nevada All

New Hampshire All

New Jersey All

New Mexico All

New York All

North Carolina All

North Dakota All

Ohio All

Oklahoma All

Oregon All

Pennsylvania All

Puerto Rico All

Rhode Island All

South Carolina All

South Dakota All

Tennessee All

Texas All

Utah All

Vermont All

Virginia All

Washington All

West Virginia All

Wisconsin All

Wyoming All

Our CSI Codes

01 56 39 - Temporary Tree and Plant Protection
04 22 33 - Interlocking Concrete Unit Masonry
07 76 13 - Roof Ballast Pavers
07 76 16 - Roof Decking Pavers
11 93 16 - Seeders
11 93 23 - Potting Machines
11 93 33 - Soil Mixers
32 05 13 - Soils for Exterior Improvements
32 14 13 - Precast Concrete Unit Paving
32 14 13.13 - Interlocking Precast Concrete Unit Paving
32 14 13.19 - Porous Precast Concrete Unit Paving
32 14 16 - Brick Unit Paving
32 14 23 - Asphalt Unit Paving
32 14 26 - Wood Paving
32 14 40 - Stone Paving
32 14 43 - Porous Unit Paving
32 93 23 - Plants and Bulbs
32 93 33 - Shrubs
32 93 43 - Trees
32 94 13 - Landscape Edging
32 94 16 - Landscape Timbers


Featured Image 1
Hyde Park Bus Shelter
Featured Image 2
2012 Quilt Garden Design
Featured Image 3
Living Wall
Featured Image 4
Chicago Rooftop Garden
Service Area and Locations Map for Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc.

Associations & Memberships

ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects)
ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects)
GRHC (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities)
GRHC (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities)
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