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  • Est. 1988
  • Size 100-249 Employees
  • Annual Vol $10 million - $20 million

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Our Story

Speedy Concrete Cutting is family owned and operated since 1988.  For 35 years now, we've offered high quality, cost effective selective demolition along with reliability, quality workmanship and advanced technology.  We've excelled by implementing proven technologies ad innovating practical solutions to complete even the most demanding projects.  

With the largest fleet in the Southeast United States, Speedy Concrete Cutting provides the response and capabilities necessary to meet the demands of the fast paced construction industry.


Core Drilling:  Core Drilling is the most common of the services we offer, and is a fast and efficient means of creating round penetrations for plumbing, mechanical and general construction applications. What you may not know is that our company has large bit stock from 24” to six foot in diameter. We also carry a vast array of continental tubing that allows for almost limitless drilling depth. Speedy has successfully cored, and extracted, horizontal holes at 90’ in depth and vertical holes at 82’ deep.

Wire Sawing:  Wire sawing is an area in which Speedy truly differentiates itself from the competition. One of the cornerstone applications of our bridge demolition division, wire sawing is the preferred method for sawcutting very large, thick sections of concrete of limitless dimensions. Pictured here is one of the severs we performed through the seal slab of the Sister Creek bascule bridge in Jacksonville, FL. This sever was completed in 35’ of water and totals just over 420 square feet. We are currently operating nine wire saw units throughout the company.

Slab Sawing / Flat Sawing:  Slab or “flat” sawing is another common tool in our industry, being the preferred method for the saw cutting of large horizontal concrete slabs and structures. What separates our company is our large inventory and vast array of diesel, propane or electrically powered equipment. Our largest flat saw can spin a 92” diameter blade; making cuts at over 40” deep!

Chain Sawing:  The diamond chainsaw is a favorite of mechanical contractors, capable of creating cuts as small as 5” at 1/4” wide and with depths of up to 30”; making it ideal for Florida’s high-rise construction market. Again, what separates our company is size. Speedy Concrete Cutting is ICS Blount’s highest volume “pro-cutter” consumer of diamond chains and bars in the United States.

Hand Sawing:  Handsaws are hydraulic powered, light weight, and are the “workhorse” of any concrete sawing and drilling company. Hand sawing provides portability, speed and cutting depths to 12”.  Speedy Concrete Cutting’s handsaw are custom manufactured to our own specifications allowing for more accurate sawcuts and less operator fatigue. We currently have over 150 hydraulic handsaws on inventory.

Curb Sawing:  Curb sawing is also a key service in our bridge demolition division and is used to perform flush sawcutting of barrier walls leaving the bridge deck to remain undisturbed and intact.  This “rider” saw is capable of flush cutting up to 24” in depth and can saw more than 400 linear foot per day. Speedy currently operates four rider curb saws in the state.

Wall Sawing/Track Sawing:  Wall or "Track" Sawing is used for precision cuts through vertical surfaces up to 40” in depth.  Speedy’s latest investment to improve our capabilities and delivery is the purchase of five new “high-cycle” wall saw units which can run up to 86” diameter blades. They are lighter in weight, programmable and remotely operated. This equates to less operator fatigue and risk of injury, and faster production times. We currently operate 14 wall saw units companywide.

Breaking and Removal:   Being a full-service sawing and drilling company, means providing fast, safe and efficient concrete removal options for our customers, as well as offering floor grinding and surface preparation services. Speedy Concrete Cutting operates six Mack dump truck and Bobcat skid steer loader rigs throughout the state and has five diamond grinding units of varying sizes to tackle any of or customer’s needs, large or small.

GPR Scanning:  Speedy Concrete Cutting uses Hilti X-Scan System to locate rebar, post tension tendons, active metal and plastic conduits and other items imbedded in solid concrete up to 18” in depth. The Hilti scanning system is unique in that it utilizes three transmission and reception antenna rather than the single antenna present in most GPR systems. Speedy differentiates itself with this service by providing the GPR scanning and coring services in one mobile unit. Having one trained and skilled technician providing both services ensures quality control throughout the process. This is also the most time and cost efficient option for our customers.


What We Do

Commercial Experience

Arena / Stadium Bridge Dams & Levies Misc Project Mixed Use Road / Highway
Airport Runway Bank City / Town Hall Civil & Site Development Court House Fire / Police Station Fitness Center Gas Station Government Grocery Stores Hospital / Nursing Home Hotel / Motel Industrial Maintenance Library Medical Office Military Museum Non-Residential Building Office Building Parking Garage Parking Lots Post Office Restaurant Retail Store School / College / University Sewage / Water Treatment Plant Swimming Pool Tennis Court Terminal - Airport / Bus / Railroad Theme Park

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Florida-South-West Palm Beach, Miami, Naples
  • Georgia
  • Florida - North and Central
  • Coastal Carolina

Florida All

Georgia All

South Carolina All

Our CSI Codes

01 73 29 - Cutting and Patching
01 94 13 - Facility Decommissioning Procedures
02 25 19.13 - Masonry Assessment Drilling
02 40 00.00.01 - Demolition and Structure Moving
02 41 13 - Selective Site Demolition
02 41 13.23 - Utility Line Removal
02 41 16 - Structure Demolition
02 41 16.13 - Building Demolition
02 41 16.23 - Tower Demolition
02 41 16.33 - Bridge Demolition
02 41 16.43 - Dam Demolition
02 41 19 - Selective Structure Demolition
02 41 19.13 - Selective Building Demolition
02 41 91 - Selective Historic Demolition
02 42 91 - Removal and Salvage of Historic Construction Materials
03 01 30.51 - Cleaning of Cast-in-Place Concrete
03 01 30.61 - Resurfacing of Cast-in-Place Concrete
03 01 30.71 - Rehabilitation of Cast-in-Place Concrete
03 01 40.51 - Cleaning of Precast Concrete
03 01 40.61 - Resurfacing of Precast Concrete
03 01 40.71 - Rehabilitation of Precast Concrete
03 01 60 - Maintenance of Grouting
03 01 80 - Maintenance of Concrete Cutting and Boring
03 06 80 - Schedules for Concrete Cutting and Boring
03 80 00.00.01 - Concrete Cutting and Boring
03 81 13 - Flat Concrete Sawing
03 81 16 - Track Mounted Concrete Wall Sawing
03 81 19 - Wire Concrete Wall Sawing
03 81 23 - Hand Concrete Wall Sawing
03 81 26 - Chain Concrete Wall Sawing
03 82 13 - Concrete Core Drilling

Project Experience

  • Non-Union
  • Public
  • Private
  • New Projects
  • Alterations/Renovations
  • Interior Fit-Ups
  • Service Work/Repairs


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Concrete Sawing and Drilling
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N. Flagler Bridge WPB
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Chain Sawing
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Jane Green Retention Dam
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Associations & Memberships

CSDA (Concrete Sawing & Drilling Assn.)
CSDA (Concrete Sawing & Drilling Assn.)
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
CASF (Construction Assn. of South Florida)
CASF (Construction Assn. of South Florida)
Latin Builders Association
Latin Builders Association
AGC (Associated General Contractors)
AGC (Associated General Contractors)
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors

Preferred Brands

Diamond Products
Diamond Products
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