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Founded In: 2002
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

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We craft elegant yet appropriate solutions for all design challenges. We have been involved with many types of architectural and interior design, including commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurants and tenant improvements. The projects are primarily in southern California cities such as Culver City, Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Valencia, and Beverly Hills.
  • An introduction and some insight into the many facets of architecture and the services that architects provide. If you are beginning your search for an architect, or don't know whether or not you need an architect, there are some informative articles written by Steve Pribyl that might be of some use. The articles are commentary on architecture and business from our perspective. The articles will be updated and new articles will be added throughout the year. Also, click this link for your Free Guide: HOW TO HIRE AN ARCHITECT
  • Our approach to design as illustrated in our projects, discussed in the articles and visible in the site design. It's logical, straightforward and focuses on substance over glitz.
  • Some of the work of dbaArchitects. We strive for timeless, enduring design utilizing rich, natural materials by incorporating elements such as space, form, mass, light and color.

Some common tasks done by dbaArchitects:

  • Determine requirements, research restrictions
  • Theorize approaches and optimum directions
  • Synthesize client needs with existing conditions
  • Conceptualize solutions
  • Design
  • Document the design
  • Stay current on codes, laws and requirements
  • Investigate new materials
  • Evaluate potential consultants
  • Select mechanical, electrical, and structural systems
  • Organize and coordinate consultants
  • Coordinate with government agencies such as the Building Department
  • Address changing conditions
  • Review construction
  • Consult/work for other architects on a contract basis

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