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Founded In: 1973
Size: 10-19 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

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By design, septic systems are fairly simple. However, they require regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent problems. And once a problem becomes obvious, it is too late for a simple solution. Preventative maintenance goes a long way if you want to keep your septic tank functional. Since 1973, Walters Environmental Services Inc.has specialized in septic service in Central PA. From routine septic cleaning to emergency excavation, we pride ourselves on providing quality services that meet all of your commercial service needs.

When a commercial septic system breaks down, subsequent delays can have a costly impact on a business. Delays caused by non-working plumbing or drainage, overflows, repairs, inspections or system re-installation can cause a partial or total production shutdown. As many commercial facilities produce hazardous waste materials as a byproduct of industrial processes, any type of waste backup might result in harmful leaks and floods that force a facility to close until professionals perform the required remediation to make the environment safe.

Sewer plant cleanup (Pressure washed and Cleanup to enable work)  

Catch Basin Cleaning - removing sediment and other waste products from your storm drain's catch basin.

Digester and Lagoon Cleaning - Digesters and their lagoons need regular flushing, venting, and pumping to operate efficiently.

Drain Cleaning - Drains inevitably clog, but they should never stay clogged for long. Contact us if your wastewater system or commercial pipes aren't draining quickly or properly.

Grease Tank/Trap Services - To help prevent clogs by removing the grease from your grease tank or trap.

Industrial Water Disposal - We take your business' industrial wastewater and dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner.

Leachate Removal - Leachates extract harmful chemicals from solid and liquid waste. They contain a high percentage of toxic chemicals. Only professionals should handle them and dispose of leachates.

Lift Station Cleaning and Repair - To keep your lift station working, we provide regular maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

Liquid Sludge Removal - Once solids have separated from liquids in sewage treatment, what's left is liquid sludge. We remove, treat, and dispose of sludge.

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What We Do

Products/Services Relating to Vacuum Waste Disposal--Contractors
Products/Services Relating to Septic Tanks--Installation & Service
Products/Services Relating to Sewage Treatment Plants
Products/Services Relating to Sewer Contractors
Products/Services Relating to Sewer & Pipeline Cleaners & Rehab.

Project Experience

Service Sector:
Public Private
Project Types:
New Alterations/Renovations Interior Fit-Ups Service Work/Repairs
Project Size:
Up to $1,000,000
School / College / University
Hospital / Nursing Home
Hotel / Motel
Office Building
Retail Store
Single Family Residential
Medical Office
Residential Building

Service Areas

Associations & Memberships

Member of NAWT (National Assn. Of Wastewater Technicians) NAWT (National Assn. Of Wastewater Technicians)
Member of PSMA (Pennsylvania Septage Management Assn.) PSMA (Pennsylvania Septage Management Assn.)
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