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Article: 3 Features You Should Be Looking For In Your Next Work Light

Martin Stavro September 2019


Your need for powerful lighting follows you wherever you go. Many factors influence the ability to light your space and keep you safe. Therefore, not all options provide security and efficiency equally. When choosing lighting in the field, you must consider and take advantage of several powerful features.


The larger the area, the stronger the light: in the field, your work requires standards beyond indoor solutions. A light with high lumens and high throw distances are important parts of ensuring your success through periods of darkness. The more lumens, the more clarity you have – couple this with higher throw distances, and you can illuminate a space spending less on lights and electricity. Only LED lights can give you this kind of power without sacrificing effectiveness.


The outdoors is not a controlled environment – you must be ready for the unexpected. That means bringing tools that are ready for harsh conditions. Lighting solutions that don’t withstand adverse weather conditions and natural elements jeopardize you and those you care for. Look for lights that boast features of quality: from IP66+ durability ratings, to being manufactured with cast aluminum rather than plastic, a higher price may save you immensely in the long term.


Working in the field demands adaptable solutions. Lights that are lightweight and adjustable have a distinct advantage due to their portability. Another critical aspect to consider – how will I power my lights? You might not have a convenient power source. You need a site light that can run off all types of sources – cars, boats, ATVs, and even battery powered.

You shouldn’t have to compromise for a light that has only some of these features. Choose a light that’s built around getting you the most power when working in the field – choose a SiteLites work light. The SiteLites family of products are manufactured with strength, durability, and flexibility in mind. With features such as adjustable tripods, 360-degree coverage, are magnetic, power from cars, boats, and batteries, as well as IP66 durability ratings with cast aluminum construction, SiteLites are an LED choice you can depend on.

For more complicated work in the field, CME has proven processes to ensure your success and satisfaction; from tactical lighting solutions to power distribution management, how can we help you continue working?

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SiteLites are very bright! The handheld model has 1,800 Lumens