Featured Project

Project Location:
Burlington, WI


City of Burlington

Scope Of Work

Construction Date 2006

Application Water Storage

Capacity 0.5MG (85’ ID x 13.5’ SWD)

Owner City of Burlington

Consulting Engineer Kapur & Associates

Burlington, also known as Chocolate City, USA because of its Nestle Chocolate factory, is located between Chicago and Milwaukee in Southern Wisconsin. In 2006, the City of Burlington hired Kapur & Associates to address its water storage needs. After carefully researching available options, the project team selected Preload as the preferred tank firm to design and construct a 500,000 gallon AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete water storage tank.

This Preload tank has a side water depth of 13.5’, an inside diameter of 85’, and includes a dome roof. Preload designed and constructed the free-span concrete dome roof to support the heavy snow loads experienced in this region of the country.

The tank’s aesthetic touches include a brick pilaster architectural treatment with a contrasting dome rim. In addition to providing communities trouble-free water storage, Preload offers a wide range of exterior tank colors and geometric alternatives to suit a community’s aesthetic needs.