Featured Project

Commercial/Residential High Rise Dev

Project Location:
Long Island City, NY
May 2018



Scope Of Work

ECOTERRA successfully completes 2 NYCOER Projects. ECOTERRA provided Soil Disposal, Waste & Logistics Management services on these E-Designation projects. 

Project Salient Feature: More than 10,000+ Tons Beneficially Reused

?Lightly PCE Impacted soils were beneficially reused as “alternative daily cover” at Subtitle-D Landfill; rather than disposing as Solid Waste. Huge savings for customer. Zero waste to Landfills.

?Other contaminated fill material was recycled and/or beneficially reused to maximize the savings for customer

?100% Facility approval(s) as proposed.

?Provided onsite Logistics & Waste management.

?No rejected loads; no surcharges; no surprises.