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Our Story

Mountain View Landscape LLC is one of central Connecticut’s most diverse, creative, and customer focused landscape and hardscape design firms. What began more than 20 years ago, with an old pickup truck and a 48-inch mower, has grown into a successful family oriented landscaping company.

We provide year round services for homes and businesses throughout the Greater Connecticut area. Unlike other landscaping companies, our services don’t end when the grass fades and the snow falls. Our team of professional landscapers can help keep your property well maintained throughout the seasons.

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing high quality landscaping services that render beautiful, reliable results and a better customer experience. Mountain View Landscape is dedicated to dependable, transparent communication and customer education in all of our service areas. We promise to give each of our customers the time and attention needed to complete their project on time and budget.

We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our customers. We offer transparent communication, honest pricing, and beautiful, reliable landscape and hardscape services.

Mountain View Landscape is a family owned and operated company, established in 1999 to provide a better landscaping experience. Founder, Thomas Iacobucci, was committed to giving every customer the information necessary to make smart decisions about their landscaping project. He recognized the need to accommodate each customer’s individual needs, building relationships and providing services that went beyond “full-service.”

Since then, the company has grown to service commercial accounts across the state and residential accounts within 60 miles of its Cromwell, CT location. Mountain View Landscape’s company vision is to:

a) set higher standards when it comes to expectations for landscaping service providers and

b) grow as a trusted name in landscape maintenance, design, and installation.

What We Do

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Connecticut and Western Mass.

Connecticut All

Our CSI Codes

02 51 29.16 - Vacuum Sweeping Cleaning Decontamination
32 01 11 - Paving Cleaning
32 01 90 - Operation and Maintenance of Planting
32 01 90.13 - Fertilizing
32 01 90.16 - Amending Soils
32 01 90.19 - Mowing
32 01 90.23 - Pruning
32 01 90.26 - Watering
32 01 90.29 - Topsoil Preservation
32 01 90.33 - Tree and Shrub Preservation
32 05 33 - Common Work Results for Planting
32 06 90 - Schedules for Planting
32 06 90.13 - Planting Schedule
32 18 23.13 - Baseball Field Surfacing
32 18 23.16 - Natural Baseball Field Surfacing
32 18 23.26 - Natural Field Sport Surfacing
32 90 00.00.01 - Planting
32 91 13 - Soil Preparation
32 91 13.19 - Planting Soil Mixing
32 91 13.26 - Planting Beds
32 92 16 - Plugging
32 96 13 - Ground Cover Transplanting
32 96 23 - Plant and Bulb Transplanting

Project Experience

  • Non-Union


  • Minority Business Enterprise


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