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DMA ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN is a full service boutique architecture, planning and interior design firm.

Since our inception, DMA ARCHITECTURE& DESIGN has been totally focused on transformative design.  We see potential in buildings and communities using architecture to refresh and restore the soul..

We take our clients from ordinary to extraordinary by providing clients with exceptional design and personalized service.

Our Design Philosophy

Just as fashion seeks to elevate the person without consuming their individuality, so architecture seeks to restore the soul. Like the great sculptors of the renaissance who believed that hidden in material, art and soul were waiting to be revealed, we believe that intrinsic to design is the ability to see what is there and what can be. Whether a blank canvas, plot of land or an existing property that needs to be rejuvenated, we begin with a question. The question of what is your story and purpose?


Understanding our client's story releases a wealth of knowledge, ideas and artistic expression where comprehensive, purposeful design solutions are born. It is this story waiting to be told where we find our uniqueness that defines who we are, identifies and attracts others to us.

Here is where we are revealed and others are invited to partake and weaved into the fabric of our story. Like a cape that adorns the mannequin, the purpose of architecture and design is to adorn the soul and elevate the human experience.

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