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Architecture, ADA-CASp inspections for "Code-compliance", Construction Documents and Construction Project Management.

CASp Inspections, Reports and State-issued CERTIFICATES;

In order to protect against all ADA lawsuits, the State of California highly recommends that all ADA Title III businesses have a CASp inspection done. The CASp inspection includes the entire facility  / business / property inspection, then a full comprehensive report and State-issued DSA “CASp CERTIFICATE” are issued.

A CASp Inspection tells the property owners and/or business owners what they have …..and….. what they don’t have --- for full or improved ADA Code-compliance. This not only eliminates any type of ADA lawsuit, but also helps increase (and keep)  the disabled customer-base.

All CASp inspections are issued a “CASp CERTIFICATE” registered (number) with the State of California for staving off any ADA litigation, per  SB-1608, SB-1186 , SB-2093 & SB-269.

 Any type of business that is “open-to-the-public” is eligible for this CASp professional service, under ADA Title III.  ADA Title II entities, which are governmental entities, are required to have in place (since 1992) “Self-Evaluation Plans” and “Transition Plans”. A CASp inspector also does that type of work.

There are tremendous “pro-business” tax benefits for any ADA improvements that a CASp Report lists for remediation. This is covered under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, per IRS Code Sections 44 and 190. California also now has a program for help with financing CASp Report recommended “accessibility” improvements.

A completed CASp CERTIFICATE is posted on the property –or- front of the business to let any potential “drive-by” litigants know that the site / business  has been CASp-inspected.

Bryan Thomas Fletcher, Architect C-14059

CASp Inspector-137

ADAAccess.Net has been listed in the Blue Book since 2014.

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