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General Information for:
Network Infrastructure, Inc.

Hempstead, New York 11550
(516) 385-3030

General Information for:
Network Infrastructure, Inc.

Hempstead, New York 11550
(516) 385-3030

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About Network Infrastructure, Inc.

Hempstead, New York 11550

Network Infrastructure, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Patrick Clarke. Today the company has about 100 employees and is based in Hempstead, N.Y. We serve major utility companies operating in New York City's five boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The Network Infrastructure Value Proposition

It's not by accident that Network Infrastructure is the best choice for all Utility Infrastructure needs in Metropolitan New York and Long Island. We have built this company with a thorough understanding of the industry, and we are uniquely qualified to provide "one-stop" service for Utility Infrastructure management, design and construction.
The core of our value proposition is our comprehensive approach and unique cross functionality. Whether it's a natural gas, telecommunications, electrical, water or sewer network, Network Infrastructure meets the challenge with our deep and talented team.

Through economies of scale, efficient resource management, geographical proximity and a focus on cross functionality, the Network Infrastructure team consistently outperforms the competition. Our customers enjoy unsurpassed satisfaction and value on all projects because we understand their needs, drive innovation, and implement smart systems and controls.

Our concentration on training and employee development drives a unique culture of teamwork and "smartwork." Our employees are simply the best-trained, most cross-functional tradesmen in the industry. Our ability to reallocate resources over several clients and infrastructure types on the fly enables Network Infrastructure's managers to maximize employee productivity and eliminate the downtime and layoffs that can handcuff our competition. We retain valuable expertise because our turnover rate is minimal for employees who have been with us for more than two months.

Utilities are often constrained by varying seasonal, budget, and other regulatory restrictions that make it impossible for them to maintain a level workflow. Our operational flexibility allows us to shift well-trained resources with little notice from one client to another without disrupting crew cohesiveness or causing lost time.

We are progressive in our application of information technologies. We have developed integrated business processes that maximize efficiency and reduce waste.

Our stringent quality controls and safety protocols promote trouble-free, efficient operations, and we have virtually eliminated productivity killers such as defects that require re-work and hazards that could lead to injuries and lost time. We firmly believe in the principles of "Continuous Improvement" and strive to enact improvements every day.

As our utility customers continually seek to reduce cost and head count, Network Infrastructure provides the best outsourced solution to achieve our clients' operational and financial goals. We further believe that there are substantial growth opportunities to be realized by increasing our market share and the scope of our services to include more of a turnkey approach to Total Utility Asset Management Services.

Mission Statement

Network Infrastructure aspires to be the foremost provider of complete infrastructure asset management services to the utility industry. As an integrated, full-service partner, we provide outsourced turnkey solutions on a regional basis that save clients money through more efficient resource utilization. We adhere to our founding principles and always seek to improve and find better ways to serve our clients.
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Our People

At Network Infrastructure, leaders or leadership candidates are identified by character. We look for individuals who share our values of hard work and optimism. We develop leadership skills through mentoring and formal training. When we identify an eager leadership candidate, we pair that person with experienced professionals so they observe good examples and receive sound advice. We retain and motivate our leaders by providing a positive environment and culture that rewards integrity, reliability, flexibility, ingenuity, accountability, and teamwork with financial incentives and promotion.

Network Infrastructure's leadership ensures our culture by effectively communicating expectations of high performance from our employees and strong confidence in their ability to meet such expectations.

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