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General Information for:
Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc.

Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
(610) 296-9253

General Information for:
Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc.

Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
(610) 296-9253

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  5. Citizens Bank Park  - Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc.

About Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc.

Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

Problem Analysis, Project Planning, Mechanical Preparation, Physical Repair

Our comprehensive rehabilitation services involve these four distinct skills.

Problem Analysis
Professional analysis is necessary so that the causes of the problem - not merely the most obvious symptoms - can be clearly identified. This analysis sets the stage for development of a cost-effective plan to correct the problem at its source, eliminating the recurrence of problems.

The development of an effective plan to correct the source and effects of a problem is critical to a successful rehabilitation program. This planning requires a thorough understanding of architecture, construction practices and of the most effective repair methods and materials. An efficient and cost-effective written plan will minimize cost, downtime and interference with normal structure functions.

The initial phase of implementing a rehabilitation plan entails the careful mechanical preparation of all surfaces. Proper preparation assures that repair materials can be applied effectively and achieve their full performance potential in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the structure.

The physical repair or rehabilitation task is carried out precisely by a crew of trained technicians. They insure that each function is accomplished in accordance with recommendations or the strictest of project specifications. All work is meticulously inspected to assure our compliance and to maximize the repair utility.

Expert technicians are dedicated to the client's project

Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc. employs only expert technicians. These qualified professionals - who work with your engineer, or independently - are dedicated to you project, and to your complete satisfaction.

We're proud of the high caliber and vast experience of our technicians, and you will be too. Their single-minded goal is the successful completion of your project, no matter how simple, or challenging.

They also believe that safety is not only important; it's essential to a successfully completed job.

Your Investment in Excellence

It is even more apparent in the rehabilitation industry that: you get what you pay for.

Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc. promises that the most cost-effective solution is the one that will last and not need to be repeated - at additional cost - every few years.

Reliability, Experienced Professionals, Safety and Comprehensive Service.

These are the qualities that are characteristic of every project we complete. For more than 30 years, they are what has guaranteed Structural Maintenance Systems, Inc's exceptional reputation in the rehabilitation construction industry.

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