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Gold Recovery Nome, AK - 2013 Gold Recovery Nome, AK - 2013 Mineral Recovery
Menominee Dam-2011 Menominee Dam-2011 Menominee Dam
Vessel Salvage Iowa - 2011 Vessel Salvage Iowa - 2011 Submerged Debris Recovery
Gold Recovery Nome, AK - 2013 Gold Recovery Nome, AK - 2013 Potable Water Service
Selfridge ANGB Harrison Charter Township, MI-2018 Selfridge ANGB Harrison Charter Township, MI-2018 Selfridge Air National Guard Base (Trash Rack Repairs)
Menominee Dam-2011 Menominee Dam-2011 Menominee Dam
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Founded In: 2010
Size: 5-9 Employees
Annual Vol: < $500,000
DUNS: 079712264
Minority Business Enterprise Minority Business Concern Small Business Enterprise Veteran-Owned Small Business Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Our Story

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Since 1983,Mil-Vet Professional Divers ( a.k.a. Mil-Vet Pro Services) owner G.J. Babin & his teams have been providing underwater services to individuals and water front businesses nationwide. From simple wheel jobs to vessel salvage on Louisiana inland waterways to the Gulf of Mexico servicing pipelines and oil production platforms & now our Military & public here in the North.Though they have only been listed in the Blue Book since 2015 team members have been serving clients in various capacities for over 35 years; recently completing their first multi stage Government contract at a Michigan Air National Guard Base. 

Now with offices in both Michigan and Wisconsin, they offer underwater specialty services  to the general public, municipal, state & federal agencies; as well as private and corporate businesses. Though residential marine services are offered primarily to the general public; Prime General Contractors, and water front businesses often require commercial divers to provide last minute or emergency inspections or repairs to underwater services or structures. Mr. Babin & his team are seeking partnering opportunities with prime contractors & marine sub contractors and will gladly work with both Union and Open Shop companies.

What makes them different from other diving contractors?

1. All M.V.P. Divers are credentialed S.S.A. (Surface Supplied Air) commercial divers as required by the U.S.C.G., U.S.A.C.E. & O.S.H.A.     This requirement by Government regulations extends to any project where divers are paid to work. SCUBA is never used on any project.

2. Rates have not required change since 2009 - regardless of whom services are provided.

3. M.V.P.D. teams are on call and deployable 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days each and every year. Regardless of the current weather conditions. No call is ever refused and response occurs within minutes rather than days or weeks.

Formally founded in 2010 to return "Old School" US Navy style diving services and common sense safe underwater practices; Gerard J Babin, (Mil-Vet Professional Divers LLC- Owner, Safety Officer & Lead Diver)  is at 52 still actively engaged in raising safety awareness to current and prospective clients; who over the last two decades have been led to believe that the use of recreational scuba equipment by recreational or Commercial Divers is "Ok". In reality, he says "It creates a major insurance risk to project managers and owners who are unaware of current legal aspects of utilizing divers for underwater work". He is also the "first in and last out" diver on every project.

Mil-Vet Pro Divers & Mil- Vet Pro Services; provides  underwater and topside services to the residential (private) marine and industrial industry (State, & Federal) as both prime and subcontractors.  Our Veteran & Civilian members are prior or active duty public servants and trained in Search and rescue, dive medicine and salvage operations , & construction related trades.

When you call on them you not only employ veterans, but the most qualified , affordable dive team & marine builders in the Untied States. 

Why are we chosen over our competitors?

1. Our rate never changes unless the risk to life increases (our policy since 2009) - Private, Local, State & Federal clients are each highly valued, thus one standard rate guarantees fair, affordable, justifiable pricing to whom ever we may be called to serve.

2. We never import materials, services or equipment that local vendors are capable of providing to our teams. We build relationships by utilizing local vendors, suppliers and often local craftsmen.

3.Our teams never take risks or "short cut" processes that would endanger client assets. We use only trained and credentialed underwater specialists. Nature never takes a holiday-  nor do we.  Clients old and new are guaranteed 24/7 access to service 365 days a year.

4. We are the U.P.'s only registered & credentialed Marine Construction & Diving Contractor. Our home based competition (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) are all uncertified recreational (Sport) divers.

Our Wisconsin based competition bids and tackles larger Federal and State contracts aggressively, for which we gladly offer our services as sub contractors.  - "you do not fish another mans pond without being invited". This is not only good business, its respectable business.

What is M.VP.D. is known for?

Our main lines of business include: Professional Divers-- Certified Commercial, we exceed all O.S.H.A. Codes of Federal Regulation (24 & 46 CFR) by holding our training to U.S. Navy & U.S. Coast Guard Standard (not minimal) requirements.We provide; Marine Construction, Demolition, Diver Assisted Dredging, Dock construction & Removal,  Salvage, Inspection, Water Front Maintenance, Invasive species removal, Repairs,& potable water services. These are only a few of the services we are capable of providing any client.But rest assured, if it involves underwater or topside marine related services we are "the team" you project requires.

Why did we start our business?

We started this endeavor in 1983, just 6 kids trying to earn pocket money in high school. However, following two tours of duty in the Marine Corps; and with the rise of the A.D.C.I. (Association of Diving "Contractors" International) in the early 1990's, it became a evident that someone needed to step up and push for a return to common sense safety practices in our industry, based on proven U.S. Navy Practices, not industry suppliers opinions on diving safety and expensive & valueless training requirements. Ask any Dive school graduate what they are told the first day on a Dive site, the answer will floor you.  Being "first and always " a Marine - We took up that challenge and one client at a time we are succeeding.

Our primary mission was and still is to insure veterans have work befitting their service and skill. This in turn provides our clients with the most highly trained and highest qualified multi trade craftsmen & women on their projects. No underwater contractor in any state follows this principle. A lot of businesses give vets plenty of "Lip Service", Our management & team "Live to Serve" - because we are vets.

We train and dive by the standards of the United States Navy Dive Manual (Rev.7), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Em 385-1-1, & U.S. Coast Guard Diving Regulations only- the basis of "all" civilian Commercial diving practices and teachings. These agencies are funded by you private & business tax dollars and are the most accurate safety guides in our industry. We educate all of our construction personnel on current industry requirements and safe building methods and train them in the field on real jobsite's. 

 We we do not have "Accidents". Many companies "settle" for and send 3-man dive teams or work  crews, and often pay lower wages; eventually some pay dearly for that choice. M.V.P.D. arrive's with no less than 6 Commercial Divers and 2 helpers. Why do we exceed common practice & OSHA Regulations (which are not laws but rather guidelines - until an accident occurs)? Because it works, and we have an unbeaten 35+ year - ZERO accident rating to back that reasoning. No Diver or craftsman has ever been injured or killed on our watch. Senior divers in our industry also agree, OSHA defines a 6 man team but will not enforce it (this has always been about companies saving money) or correct equipment requirements. We can and have always shown every client the safer and affordable reasoning. Our craftsmen & women are the highest paid in our industry, and always still more affordable than our competition. Other than my children; this has been my greatest accomplishment during my career. Plan the work- work the plan and go home the way you arrived - tired and happy." says Mr. Babin.

M.V.P.D. promotes veteran employment, on the job training, credentialing and continued education, this is our "reinvestment" in our community. We pride ourselves in being the only credentialed and registered professional diving service in the U.P. (Michigan) and in Wisconsin's Northwestern and Southwestern Regions. Our skills as underwater and topside professionals will not be matched by anyone.

Our Motto; is simple - "Service above one's self"- build your wealth in people.

We look forward to serving you soon.


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