Featured Project

Public School 204 – Parapets, Flood Elimination, Roofs, Exterior Masonry, Paved Areas

Project Location:
Brooklyn, NY
Approx Contract:
Dec 2015


New York City School Construction Authority
Nelligan White Architects

Scope Of Work

The scope of work included the removal of existing parapets. New reinforcedmasonry parapets were provided including horizontal and vertical steel reinforcement and flashing. New APC coping stones and brick face were also provided to match existing. Excavation took place adjacent to the foundation wall and sheeting/shoring/ bracing were performed, as well as sheet applied waterproofing to the perimeter of foundation wall. Existing masonry back up wall was repaired and spray-applied waterproofing membrane was administered. The removal and replacement of all existing roof assemblies took place. Existing skylights were removed and new skylight assemblies were installed, in addition to associated curbs and metal cages. Windows were removed and reinstalled with new flashing and waterproofing, where needed.