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Retail Store: Target Stores (Nationwide) Photo 1
Target Stores (Nationwide) Photo 1

AP and Target Corporation have a long history of successfully working together. Since 2002 AP has completed more than 100 individual projects for Target Corporation in ten states. These projects range from new store construction to roll-outs, renovations, merchandise remodels and rightsizing programs at occupied retail locations. A recent example of work with Target includes the new store location in north Tucson. This location presented a number of challenges, including a condensed schedule and other retailers in close proximity remaining open during construction. The AP team delivered the new 225,000 square foot Super Target in less than half the time a typical Super Target takes to complete. In 2010 and 2011, AP also completed merchandise remodel and rightsizing programs in eight stores in southern California and 14 stores in Arizona. These projects involved upgrading the refrigeration infrastructure to support more refrigerated units, interior demolition, interior concrete systems and finishes. The complex construction took place while the Target stores remained open requiring a high level of preplanning and communication.

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