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Polhemus Savery Dasilva retained Richard Turlington Architects to help them redefine this structure so it presented as a more significant structure to the public. The design objective was to retain the same scale as the original building but make subtle changes and tweaks to the faade that changed the overall appearance to appear more institutionally appropriate. This was done by adding a new covered walkway of oversized columns and introduced a new tower element. The original 8,500 sf Cape Museum was a structure indicative of a Cape Style building, using weathered cedar shingles on a building that effectively sits on the ground among a sea of sand. Richard Turlington Architects prepared the working drawings for construction with particular detail to the subtle changes in the facades new components. Overall, we developed details that individually were not so different than traditional New England construction but with subtle reveals and scale changes, the overall appearance achieved the design intent with a very refined level of sophistication.

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