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Founded In: 1999
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Strobert Land Clearing Operations provides our customers with a safe cost efficient way to clear land fast. We understand that our most valuable assets are our people. Our highly trained operators maximize production with the use of our specialized industry specific clearing equipment while maintaining a current EMR rating of .87. Our project managers and job superintendents have all been working in our industry for most of their careers. Beginning in the trenches has taught management and decision making skills that are vital to our continued success and customer satisfaction. Strobert Land Clearing Operations employs a team of heavy equipment service technicians that work directly with our equipment operators using the latest equipment management software programs to insure our machines are running at peak performance at all times.


Strobert Land Clearing Operations removes all trees and underbrush, extracts the stumps and roots, process all the material on site, and will stockpile, spread or remove the processed material depending on the customer’s request. We are proud to say that we have a 100% recycling rate. Stumps can be ground down to grade level if called for in the “scope of work”.


As an organization with the ability to undertake all methods and means of land clearing work, we feel well qualified to develop a clearing plan offering the best compromise between speed, safety and budget considerations.


Strobert land Clearing Operations can process large and small trees with a single low ground pressure machine that “mulches” the tree in place leaving the forest floor undisturbed. This is very useful when dealing with line of sight or interference problems where soil disturbance is unwanted.


Safe selective tree removal operations in urban areas where power lines and underground utilities are a concern are conducted by our “tree removal crews”. The tree removal crews complete these tasks utilizing insulated high reach bucket trucks in conjunction with cranes. Night work is an option in highly populated urban areas were travel lane and pedestrian walkway closings are not permitted during the day.


Combining all of our skills and disciplines into a single source, efficient solutions to complex projects is a hallmark of Strobert Land Clearing operations. In addition, this is a major benefit in limiting liability, as one source is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the project.


Strobert Land Clearing Operations tree crews are trained to perform branch level elevation and tree pruning specifications in accordance with the rules and regulations governed by the National Society of Arboriculture.


Our certified arborist team provides advice on proper tree health and safety preservation plans.


The right equipment lets us transplant with little harm to the tree’s vital root structure. Our methods enable us to transplant trees with 95% reestablishment rate.

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