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Miner Southwest LLC

Tempe, Arizona 85282
(602) 426-1200

Our sole focus is to drive down the cost of warehousing and materials management operations and to improve jobsite safety. As a pioneer in this endeavor, Miner® has developed cutting-edge systems and services that provide top-tier support to Fortune 500-class companies throughout North America.

We save our customers revenue and time by understanding their business, finding efficiencies in their operation, providing faster systems repairs and delivering expertly executed proactive maintenance programs. We have become the single-source solution for some of the world’s largest brands, yet we still remain true to smaller operations, too. Every customer we work with receives the same high level of attention, the same fast response rate and the same unwavering focus on getting them back on track.

Getting equipment installed correctly and on-time takes a coordinated approach, constant communication and a Done Right. Right Now.SM attitude, and our install team delivers 360° turnkey solutions 

  • Industry experts design, manage and install your customized new equipment
  • Our team of professionals manages the entire project
  • Most advanced installation service solutions
  • Leading OEM equipment technology, products and brands
  • Deep industry knowledge and proven service protocols


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