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Christ Fellowship Church

Scope Of Work:

Provided a mock up of 100 sq.ft. area to demonstrate esthetic effects and quality standards for materials and execution. Apply stucco direct to CMU, apply air and water barrier directly over CMU as required. Stucco to framing, installed self furring metal lath, with paper backing per specs and ASTM C 1073. Portland cement and coat mixtures per specs and ASTM standards. Stucco at 1/4" in 10 ft from a true plane in finished surfaces, as measured by a 10 foot straightedge. Fasteners for attaching metal lath to substrates shall comply with ASTM C 1063. Stucco trim and accessories to be PVC. Stucco to be standard Portland cement/sand mix. After vapor barrier, apply 3/8" thick scratch coat with notched trowel. Total thickness 3/4". Install control joints where indicated on drawings or in specific locations approved by the architect where required to delineate. Install lath-type, external corner reinforcements at exterior locations. Install corner bead at interior and exterior locations. At expansion joints install fabricated vinyl, folded pair of un-perforated screeds in M- shaped configuration, with perforated flanges and removable protective tape on plaster face of control joint.  Stucco at CMU dumpster enclosure.

Client Reference:
Jason Smith - Project Manager
The Weitz Company- Florida
Owner: Christ Fellowship Church, Inc.
Architect: Beck Architecture, LLC
General Contractor: The Weitz Company - Florida
Approx Contract: $206,000
Completion: Aug 2015